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 Damaris, daughter of Eros

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PostSubject: Damaris, daughter of Eros   6/28/2012, 11:06 pm

damaris elochidiya

and they say she's on the class a team, stuck in her daydream, been this way since eighteen. but lately her face seems slowly sinking, wasting, crumbling like pastries. and they scream "the worst things in life come free to us."

the basics
    name and nicknames: Damaris was actually born Emily Jones, but she found her name to be far too boring, as did her uncle. Finally, the name Damaris Elochidiya was thought up, and that's who she's been ever since.
    age and birthday: Damaris is nineteen years old as of Febuary eighteenth. (Born in the year 1993, for those of you who are too lazy to do the math).
    gender and sexual preference: Damaris is a female, and she's straight.
    years at camp: Damaris is new at camp, and has only been there for a week.
    year rounder or summer: Damaris isn't sure as to whether or not she's a year rounder or summer camper, although she's pretty sure she's going to stay at camp year round.
    claimed or not: Damaris is claimed.

the physical
    height: Damaris is five feet tall and seven inches.
    hair: Damaris has light pink hair, which is dyed. She's had her hair dyed this colour for so long that she's forgotten what her natural hair looked like.
    eyes: Damaris' eyes are a beautiful blue colour, not too dark but not too light. They're stuck somewhere in the middle. She normally has awfully dark shadows under her eyes from lack of sleep, and her eyes are somewhat bloodshot.
    piercings: Other than a pair of large, golden hoops Damaris normally wears, she has no piercing, although she hasn't worn them that often since arriving at camp, seeing as they tend to get in her way when she's training.
    tattoos: Damaris has no tattoos.
    distinguishing features: Damaris' big distinguishing feature is her pink hair, which is something she's had for the longest time. Damaris has had it so long that she can't even remember what her hair naturally looked like. Another one of Damaris' distinguishing features is that she's awfully skinny, and it obviously isn't healthy. There's also her pale skin that sets her apart from most people.
    style: Damaris doesn't consider herself to have a specific style; she wears whatever she has on hand. It used to be that she would alternate between more revealing clothes at night and clothes that covered more skin at day, although she's started mixing her clothes around upon arriving at camp, wearing a leather jacket with a mini skirt, or a tight tank top with jeans and a leather jacket.

the psyche
    • Days off - Damaris spent every day doings something. In the morning she'd try to sell magazines so she could get money for lunch (she always skipped breakfast), then after that she'd go back to selling magazines, or she'd sit on the sidewalk wrapped up in a blanket with a cup and hope that people dropped change in, and, well, I'd rather not get into the things she did at night.
    • Sleep - Sleep is the only time Damaris could get to herself, where she didn't have anything to do. She could just close her eyes and drift off, without any effort. This is the first of Damaris' three methods of escape from reality.
    • Music Damaris considers herself to have amazing music taste, although she can't always afford to buy CDs. She generally would use her ancient desktop that cost her a fortune to afford to listen to music on YouTube, although she does have a personal CD player that she uses whenever she can afford CDs. She has a total of nine CDs. (+ by Ed Sheeran, Good Times and Goodbyes by The Mid-Summer Classic, Sometimes by City and Colour, Wake the Earth by The Honey Trees, Plastic Moon by Madi Diaz, If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack by Sleeping With Sirens, Gossip Diet by Lotus Child, Heartbreak In Stereo by Pencey Prep, and A Reason to Swim by Joe Brooks.) This is the second of Damaris' three methods of escape from reality.

    • Bright lights - Damaris was never fond of bright lights, despite living in a city. She finds that she preferred to sit in the shadows of the skyscrapers with shades on, and sleep with all the shades closed as tight as possible, even using extra blankets to cover the windows in the summer.
    • Talking for long periods of time - Damaris' forte never was talking. She was always too blunt for people to enjoy talking to her, and her voice was far too gravely and just overall angry sounding for peoples' liking. Her throat would always end up hurting, because she doesn't really have people to talk to.
    • Hot chocolate - When Damaris tells people she doesn't like hot chocolate (which isn't that often), they tend to assume she just doesn't like hot chocolate. It's actually that she has this irrational hatred for it. It's not that she's afraid of it, she just hates it for no apparent reason. Just the thought of it repulses her.

    • Self defense - Over the years, Damaris has had to deal with more than her fair share of creeps. Because of this, she's awfully good at fending for herself and making use of her resources.
    • Acting/lying - Damaris is a very talented actor, and, unsurprisingly, she's also very good at lying. Her main dream when she was younger was to become an actress, and she used to practice acting every chance she had. Because acting is basically the same thing as lying, Damaris can easily lie to people.

    • She lacks empathy - Damaris is one of those people who thinks, "I've gone through so much, and anyone who thinks they're worse off than me is an idiot." All in all, she's not great at relating to other people and only thinks for herself.
    • She's terrible at teamwork - Damaris cannot work in a team. She's convinced she can do things by herself, that she doesn't need anyone else's help. If someone tries to help her, she pushes them away.

    • Being abandoned - This is one of the reasons why Damaris refuses to accept help or friendship from other people. She's afraid that if she lets anyone get close to her, they'll end up abandoning her. So, instead of getting close to people, she distances herself from others so she doesn't have to rik getting hurt.

    • Her entire history - Damaris tries to keep her entire history a secret from everyone at camp. She knows that everyone will think differently of her if they find out about her past, so she hides it, not letting anyone know about the things that happened to her.

    • Becoming a famous actress or singer - Two things that nobody has ever gotten close enough to Damaris to figure out is that she is amazing at acting and singing. Her mother had sent her to New York City to live with her uncle and go to a school for the arts, because she would have better opportunities there, but things didn't work out all that well. Now, the thought of her becoming a famous actress or singer (or both) is locked up somewhere in the back of her mind, filed under, 'creams that will never come true'.

    • She's somewhat of a compulsive liar - It's not exactly that Damaris compulsively lies, but more so that she's made a game of how much she can get away with. She;ll see how far she can take it, see how much the other person will believe. It's not a compulsive thing (at least, she doesn't think so) it's more of something she does for fun.
    • She writes with her left hand, but does everything else with her right hand - Damaris always writes things with her left hand, but she does everything else with her left hand. She holds her eating utensils with her right hand, throws things with her right hand, holds cups in her right hand, anything that isn't for writing and requires hands, she uses her right hand.

    personality: Damaris has a kind of harsh personality. She's the type of person who pushes people away because she thinks it will keep her safe, and she spends a lot of time in her head. Some people might describe Damaris as cold and unfeeling, which isn't exactly the truth. She's afraid of feeling too much, which is why she pushes people away. She's afraid she might like them too much, she might feel too strongly towards them, and then they leave and she'll be hurting too much. Damaris does have a kind side, although that side of her kind of died when she was thirteen. There's still a bit of it lingering, the side of her that offers a cigarette to a stranger if they seem kind of edgy, or the side of her that offers half off to the people who ask her how her day is when they're buying magazines from her. It's not all that often that it happens, but it still does occur.

the family
    nationality: Damaris is American.
    birthplace: Damaris was born in New Jersey.
    hometown: Damaris lived in New Jersey until she was nine years old, when she moved to New York City with her uncle because there were apparently 'better opportunities' there.
    father: Damaris' father is Eros, the Greek god of love. He met Damaris' mother, Molly Jones, when he was roaming the mortal world. Their relationship wasn't anything emotional, just drunk love. He didn't know anything about Damaris until recently.
    mother: Damaris' mother was a woman named Molly Jones. She was kind enough, except she was absolutely paranoid. She wore tin foil hats, never pulled over if she saw something injured on the side of the road because she figured it was a zombie, she had crucifixes all over her house to ward away demons and evil spirits, and she even slept with holy water under her pillow, her fist clenched around it. Most people were convinced that she was crazy. When Damaris was nine, she figured that she would be better off in the city with her uncle. At least, that's what she told Damaris. Molly was positive that an evil spirit was trying to get into her house, so she ended up locking herself in. She refused to go out to get more food when hers was all eaten or spoiler, and she ended up dying of starvation. Damaris never found out.
    siblings: Damaris does not have any siblings.
    pets: Damaris has never had a pet, and she probably never will.
    history: Ages zero through eight - Nothing was very special about the beginning of Damaris' life. She grew up just about as normally as any other kid, with the exception of her mother. Danaris' mother was almost crazy, but not quite. It was more that she was paranoid, which caused her to act strangely. She didn't have many friends, but everyone knew about her. Damaris would hear kids whispering about her and how their parents said she was crazy at school. Because of this, Damaris never had many friends.
    Ages nine through twelve - When Damaris was nine, her mother sent her off to live with her uncle in New York City. From a young age, Damaris showed skills in both singing and acting, and her mother wanted her to go to a school of the arts. Damaris' uncle didn't let her go, though. Instead, he forced her to sell her body so he could get money. This lasted for three years before her uncle was killed by someone from a gang. Damaris ran away before the police could find her.
    Ages thirteen through seventeen - Even after her uncle got killed, Damaris kept up doing what she was doing because the pay was too good. A week before she was thirteen, though, she ended up getting pregnant. The baby was healthy enough, but social services somehow caught up with her. She ended up being separated from her child and ended u getting put in a foster home. Three weeks after being put in the foster home, she managed to escape, although she never found out what happened to her daughter. The rest of the years kind of blurred together, with nothing to distinguish one from another. Well, there's the fact that she became addicted to cigarettes when she was sixteen, but other than that, nothing eventful really happened.
    Ages eighteen through present - When Damaris was eighteen, things took a turn for the worse. She started to get into drinking, and, eventually, drugs. Specifically cocaine. She spent most of the money she made on them, her addiction becoming worse and worse. When Damaris was nineteen, a satyr found her. He kept pestering her, trying to convince her to come with him, but she never agreed because he didn't exactly look like he had money. Finally, she said yes just to get him to leave her alone, and he ended up taking her to camp.

    powers: Damaris has no powers.
    role-play example: Damaris never really was one to care about people, so she didn't know why she stopped to make sure the boy who tripped was okay. Maybe she saw something in him. Maybe she noticed how skinny he was, or how miserable he looked. Maybe she saw herself. Damaris didn't really know, but something about her wanted to make sure this boy was okay.

    Tentatively, she walked towards the boy. He appeared to be about six, seven years old, although Damaris had met sixteen year olds who looked like they were thirty. Still, he was young, and Damaris didn't know how to handle young children. Not after...no. She didn't think about that.

    "Hey, kid. You okay?" she asked, noticing how the boy jumped at the sound of her voice. His eyes were open wide, and he seemed to be shaking slightly. It could be due to the cold, but Damaris doubted it. He didn't appear to be shaking before.

    "I'm not going to hurt you," she said in what she hoped to be a soothing voice. "I just want to help."

    But the boy shook his head and bolted upright to his feet before sprinting away, leaving Damaris to stand there, confused. She shrugged it off, because she knew why he might run from her. He had that look to him. The look of someone who was hiding something. She had seen it in enough people to be able to identify it by now.
    weapon: Damaris has a standard issue camp bow and arrow.
    play-by: Damaris' playby is Charlotte Free.
    extra notes: In the psyche section, it mentions Damaris' three methods of escape from reality. The third is not mentioned, and although she knows it's not a good one, the third one is drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Although I suppose that's not all that appropriate for the website. But it was too tempting.

coded by jules @ caution 2.0.
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PostSubject: Re: Damaris, daughter of Eros   6/28/2012, 11:29 pm

Approved, of course! Smile

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Damaris, daughter of Eros
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