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 Richard Sandi Shine

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PostSubject: Richard Sandi Shine   6/5/2012, 10:19 am

~This is Richard Sandi Shine~

"For me, there's only one trait: ice."

Character Name: Richard Sandi Shine

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Blonde and green, 5'11", skinny and muscular

Personality: Richard is really nice at times, but most of the time really cold-hearted. He likes to pick on kids a lot. And by kids, I mean any age. Richard doesn't like to love. He never was interested in that stuff. He has always been into science, however. Richard liked learning about ice and snow.

God and mortal parent: Chione and Jasper Shine

Powers**: Richard can make ice cubes, maximum: 3 feet tall, 4 feet wide. Richard can also make it snow. He can make it snow around 3 people maximum. The snow is about 9 degrees F and at maximum can be 3 degrees F.

Flaws: Richard can get mad easily. He will get mad if you try to pick a fight with him. Whether he admits it or not, Richard is scared of loosing a friend, because he doesn't have many of them. When he does have them, also, he is too loyal to them. Richard hates fire badly. He will run away screaming like a little girl if he sees a fire.

Pets: None.

Weapon: A CB sword.

Talents/Skills: Richard is good at making snow items.

RP Example*: I put on my winter boots and coat on. The coat was nice and fuzzy, like if you were hugging a pillow. I put on my hunter's hat on above my toboggan. I put my black, leathery gloves on and headed outside into the freezing cold snow. I experienced this lots of times, yes, mostly because I'm from Minnesota. I walked into a small wood next to my house. The woods weren't very scary. Just a couple white gazelles wandering around looking for frozen water. I kept walking until I heard a BOOM! I turned to see a man with a chainsaw.

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

"Cutting down this er tree." The man gave me a crazy smile.

"Then, you're going down hard." I smiled evilly.

Biography*: Richard Sandi Shine was born in Minnesota on November 6th, 1995. He was an odd baby. Always trying to sneak outside into the snow. Richard grew, and kept on liking the snow. By age eight, he was shoveling snow and building perfect snow castles and making perfect snowmen. At age ten, Richard was claimed by Chione. Richard went to CHB and trained there. He liked CHB because he could make people feel bad there. Richard is now sixteen and still at CHB.

Notes: None
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PostSubject: Re: Richard Sandi Shine   6/5/2012, 10:34 am

Thank You, Mason...Thank you for actually making a real personality and a good form. Much better then your other form


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Richard Sandi Shine
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