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 So this is Lane. (Finally done!)

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PostSubject: So this is Lane. (Finally done!)   5/29/2012, 6:38 pm

Lane Michelle Castillo-Leon
"Hurry, Hurry, you've got my head in such a flurry, flurry. Freckle, Freckle, what makes you so special? I'm gonna teach you how we're all alone."

Name: Lane Michelle Castillo-Leon
Age: Lane is seventeen years of age, turns eighteen on September 25th.
Gender: Completely and absolutely male.

Physical description: Lane has a skin colour that could be considered tan, but it is natural. Not as in "I went out in the sun, it's natural!" but as in born that way (BABY HE WAS BORN THAT WAAAAAAAAY). His eyes are a dark chocolate colour, and in the sun, they look honey coloured. They have a certain shine to them, like he's always about to cry, even if he was at his happiest. His hair is a dark, dark, dark brown. Almost black. But in the sun, it looks brown. A really dark brown, but brown nonetheless. He likes to style his hair up, in a sort of *whoosh* thing. He buzz cut the sides of his head to accompany the *whoosh* hair style. It's sort of like a ski jump. He's lean, he likes to work out. He's has a good set of abs, he's strong, but he doesn't think they're worth bragging about.He only has a couple tattoos here and there; they aren't noticeable.
Personality description: Lane is vain. He's self-centred, inattentive, and insensitive. He doesn't really care what happens to other people unless it involves him, and then, he makes a big deal. Lane's an open book, really. He doesn't care who it is, he will tell you all his secrets, troubles, and concerns. Despite this, he's a very good listener. He can keep quiet for five minutes and listen to what you have to say... Granting that it is actually something worth saying.
He's snobby, I suppose. Narcissistic, egotistical, anything you could think of, that's what he is. However, you won't be able to hate him more than he hates himself. He knows he has issues, but he decides there's nothing he can really do about and just rolls with it. He just expects everyone else to go along with it, too.
He's a hopeless romantic, and often gets his heart broken by people he never even dated. He would get attached to their every quirk, flaw, perfection, habits, and basically becomes a borderline stalker. And then that person says or does something that takes Lane by surprise and his heart just breaks. He knows it's real heartbreak, most of the time it's just a crush that goes too far, sometimes he hasn't talk to them at all, just aesthetic 'love,' but it hurts all the same. He's very sensitive about things like that.

Nationality: Lane is from London, England and speaks English.
Hometown: Lane has lived in London, England his whole life except for one year when he moved to Greenland.
Family: Lane's immortal parent is the Egyptian god, Anubis and his mortal parent is an unnamed surrogate mother. He lives with his two adopted fathers, Mark and Heath Castillo-Leon
Pets: He gets two fish every year since he was six. Currently he has four healthy ones with him. He doesn't ever ask for more, he's content with his two a year. Sometimes, if the fish died early, Mark and Heath would buy more, but Lane had gotten quite experienced in the care and keeping of fresh water fish. This started when Lane was six years old, and all he wanted was that pink fish and that purple fish because those were his favourite colours. The next year, Lane asked for the blue and black ones. And it went on until he ended up with a bowl full of rainbow fish, zebra fish and goldfish, all gifts from his dads.
History: Lane was born in London to a very nice lady, whose name Lane does not know. All he knows is that she was pretty, though are no pictures. But with a face like his, it's hard to believe she wasn't beautiful. At six months he was given to Heath and Mark, who welcomed him with everything his little heart desired. From milk to another bed. They could afford it, of course. Lane was a crazy toddler, he ran around, he screamed, he drove people crazy, but managed to keep his "lol I'm adorable" look very well. He grew older, and then he was four, he was enrolled in the best kindergarten the city had. He was good, sort of. He played with the other kids, kept up with his work, but often drifted off when being instructed to read, and the letters swirled around. It was frustrating for him when the other kids laughed at him for misreading "Cat" for "Bat." The teachers didn't seem to care, which made the little boy very mad. He began grade school, and he hated his itchy uniform and dumb teachers, and who even cared if two and two made five and why would you even buy ten watermelons? Who buys ten watermelons?! It's dumb.

Then Lane turned twelve and he went into secondary school. The uniforms weren't much better, but not itchy at least. At the age of fourteen, he started to notice how his old friends had such defined bottoms. It wasn't that Lane minded at all. He didn't care, to be frank. Sure, people made fun of him already that he had two happy dads, but whatever. People were starting to accept it, and maybe they would accept that he was happy, too. No one would be surprised. He fit the stereotype already.

When he was fifteen, he came out to his dads, and then to facebook. Instead of mean comments, like he expected, he got "Haha, knew it!" "Called it!" and he was glad about it. And then, shortly after, his dads decided to send him to camp for the summers. Lane saw it as a way to get out there, see the world, make clay elephants, but it was just because his dads were scared he'd get beat up like he did a bit after coming out to facebook. It wasn't too bad, just a few bruises and a cut lip, and the people involved were suspended, but it didn't matter to them. They didn't want Lane to be hurt again. So they sent him off to learn to fight. He has been a summer camper since he arrived.

Role play example: It was a Tuesday night dinner. They had chicken Alfredo and red wine (Lane had sparkling grape juice). Tuesday night was a good time to do something drastic. Tuesdays were boring and tedious. After a Pixar movie, with a several bags of popcorn and tissues gone through, Lane sat on the coffee table, facing his fathers. "Dad, dad," he said, a grin pulling at the corners of his mouth. He found it hilarious that he was coming out to his homosexual dads like it was a big deal. "I'm happy!" he exclaimed, only to receive concerned looks.

"Look, Lane, just because we're homosexuals doesn't you have to be a homosexual, you know that, right?" Mark said, leaning forward in his seat. Heath just nodded.

Lane rolled his eyes, "Come on, Dad." he scoffed in his fifteen year old kind of way. "I'm a f*g! Stop tiptoeing around it, 'homosexual' this, 'homosexual' that. I'm happy, I'm a f*g, that's all!" He let out an exasperated/disbelieving sigh. He thought his dads would just blow it off, a friendly "Oh, cool, dude, want ice cream?" but no. They had to go and think it was because of them. Lane had just never liked girls, and that was that. Why did they have to make such a big deal about things? He was fifteen! He could decide he was happy if he wanted to!

Heath shrugged. "I dunno, Mark, I don't see a problem. Bisquit?"

At this, Lane's eyes lit up. He knew at least ONE of them would understand! Yes! And now he got biscuits!

Powers: Lane can shadow travel within fifty kilometers in every direction of his current spot. The farthest he can go is fifty kilometers, and then he passes out. How much it drains him depends on far he goes. He can also summon stuff like skeleton soldiers, but they're weak, and not very good fighters at all. But they give a good scare. He can summon thirty a day, and at thirty, he can't do anything else for the rest of the day. He gets lightheaded at fifteen soldiers.
Weapons: Just a simple CB switchblade, and another regular metal pocket knife.

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PostSubject: Re: So this is Lane. (Finally done!)   7/7/2012, 4:50 am

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So this is Lane. (Finally done!)
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