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 Character (I apologize in advance for its non-koala-tea-ness)

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PostSubject: Character (I apologize in advance for its non-koala-tea-ness)   5/21/2012, 2:44 am

Character Name: Sherlock Pina Holmes
Gender: male
Age: Thirteen
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): He has sort of blue/green eyes, long-ish brown hair, like the colour of mud, but cute-er. He's about five feet, four inches. He's slim, as he has a fast metabolism, he eats a lot. He's not that strong in most cases, but if he needs to use his strength, he can do quite a bit.
Personality: He's pretty cold, honestly. He doesn't have many friends, and likes to think more about how people work instead of actually hanging out with people. He will often tell you off, or his deductions will be enough to scare you off
God and mortal parent: Athena and Paolo Holmes
Flaws: Can't have friends. Basically, he's just too weird/cold/smart for ordinary people. Likes music too much to interact with people. He has a guilty pleasure. Which is Glee. He will literally sit in his room and download episodes of Glee, and sometimes sing along. But no one knows about this shameful thing.
Pets: A dog, cat, hedgehog, and an otter.
Weapon: A CB spear, very sharp, he has a quite a few, actually.
Talents/Skills: Being awesome. He is very intelligent. He can figure things out very quickly, and often is put in the highest classes in school, despite dyslexia and all.
RP Example*: "YOU'RE A FREAK!" screamed a girl, around fifteen, as Sherlock accused her of spray tanning, and called her fake. Well, not just that. He told her just about everything negative about her, even some she didn't notice.
Sherlock didn't quite understand. He was just giving her some criticism about herself. She didn't have to go and call him a freak. "Well, at least I don't go into the tanning beds and turn into fried shrimp."
Biography*: Sherlock was born in London, England to English parents. His step-mother was always a bit resentful of him, his being part god. Because his mother is Athena, he felt pressured to learn as much as he could. His dyslexia was a setback, as he couldn't read as much as he'd liked to. But in the end, he makes it through the headaches and learns as much about everything as he can. He spent most of his time at the library. He often failed classes, not because he didn't know the material, but because he got bored. He knew everything they taught him, but they wouldn't let him skip grades. He also learned to skateboard, as he can't drive yet, but has places to go. One day, he was skateboarding around when he stumbled into the camp. He looked around, checked it out, left, and then another day, in the summer, his best friend told him all the demigod jazz.
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PostSubject: Re: Character (I apologize in advance for its non-koala-tea-ness)   5/25/2012, 5:18 pm

Approved cause I'm ignoring the power :p

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Character (I apologize in advance for its non-koala-tea-ness)
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