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PostSubject: AIDAN. (DONE)   5/20/2012, 1:49 am

Aidan William Mason
"I don't ever want to let you down. I don't ever want to leave this town, 'cause after all, the city never sleeps at night; It's time to begin, isn't it? I get a little bit bigger but then, I'll admit, I'm just the same as I was. Now don't you understand that I'm never changing who I am. "


Name: This particular person's name is Aidan William Mason.
Age: He is about seventeen at the moment.
Gender: Totally not a boy.
Physical description: He's just about the most attractive person on the planet. He has a light brown hair, like when you mix milk chocolate and white chocolate together, and accidentally but too much white chocolate in. His eyes are like blue-green-brown colour. Well, it sort of fluctuates with the seasons. He's a normal height of five feet, eight inches. He has fair skin, with a hint of olive. He eats a lot, but as a growing teenage boy, he has a high metabolism rate, and thus doesn't gain or lose weight. He could be a Calvin Klein model if he wanted to be. And, y'know, several years older.
Personality description: Aidan is a pretty cheerful person, mostly. He's mellow, and rolls along with most things. He can be really detached at times. He has bipolar disorder, OCD, and a hint of anxiety. He gets frustrated easily.
He likes making other people happy, chocolate, and pastrami. He dislikes anyone who does opposite of what he does, coconut, and spicy chicken wings.
He's confident in a lot of things, such as math (Though he's failed it twice). He doesn't let his failures keep him back, though there are times in which he thinks he will amount to nothing more than a burger flipper. He often feels guilt about things that he can't control, such as how his mom can't keep a steady job to raise him. He feels guilty for being born.
Anyway, he is like a pessimistic optimist (yes, it's possible!). He has big dreams, but realises that it's very unlikely that he will, actually, be in a world famous band with millions in the bank, and able to provide for more than just he and his mom.

Nationality: Aidan was born in Liverpool, England, and speaks English and Spanish.
Hometown: Aidan had lived in Liverpool for a good ten years of his life, when he had moved to a small apartment in London. His step-mother liked London.
Family: Aidan's immortal parent is Thalia, the muse of comedy. His father is a piece of poop named William Kaui. He was married to a lady named Julia Mason when Thalia left Aidan on the table, wrapped in a little blanket. As Julia was very supportive (but not happy) about this, she helped William with Aidan. She, over the course of two months, acquired a liking for Aidan. She would buy him toys, candy, chocolate milk, marshmallows, or whatever else he wanted. Now, she made the most money. William, noticing these details, decided to leave Aidan with her and disappear. He decided raising a demigod would be too hard. Aidan was two years old at the time.
History: When Aidan was an infant, William and Julia were happy-ish. They were content with everything, and nothing was difficult. As he aged, things got harder. William lost his job, and on top of that, left the house and never came back, making things harder for Julia. Aidan never realised these things.
When he started school, he was popular almost instantly. He didn't understand it. He was scared. He did end up hurting someone. He felt really bad about it. Eventually, everything was all good.
When he turned ten, Julia and Aidan moved to London (awesome birthday present). He was used to his popularity. He was able to make people laugh by doing absolutely, but when he tried to be funny, no one found him funny. Well. He was popular, but he didn't really have anyone he would invite over to his home. And then he met Taleis.
They met when he and his step-mother were at a music store, buying a guitar, as she wanted Aidan to play some sort of intrument, but piano and violin were each a bust. Aidan was looking at his favourite band's CD, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. Taleis had tapped his shoulder and said, "They are such of a rip off of Blink-182." And they started arguing over who was better, Panic! At The Disco, or Blink-182. They still spend quite a bit of their time discussing different bands.
Taleis was Aidan's best friend since then. They help each other get through stuff, such as Kassidy. When Taleis was getting through this, Aidan helped him as he could. He got closer and closer to Taleis, but thought nothing of it. He wasn't happy, or even bisexual.
When they were about fifteen, they got attacked by a monster while at the mall. They did the best they could to fight it off, and then they got back to Aidan's house, his step-mother told them about a camp for demigods his father said they should go to.

Role play example: Aidan found it odd. They were in a parking lot, surrounded by their friends, and just talking. But something about it was weird, but he couldn't place it. Then he realised. All of their friends were backing away from a... bulldog? No, it was too big. Whatever it was, it was big and ready to kill. Aidan didn't know what to do. He looked at Taleis, who had the same terrified expression as he did. "That's not a bulldog, is it?" he asked.
Taleis shook his head, "I don't think so."

Powers: Aidan doesn't exactly have a power.
Weapons: Not one for weapons, all he has is a regular CB sword from the arena.

"So this is where you fell, and I am left to sell the path that heaven runs through miles of clouded hell, right to the top. Donít look back. Turning to rags and give the commodities a rain-check."
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PostSubject: Re: AIDAN. (DONE)   5/25/2012, 5:20 pm

Excellent Approved

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