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 Taleisin Emmett Heap the Fourth, son of Melinoe. Better known as Taleis.

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PostSubject: Taleisin Emmett Heap the Fourth, son of Melinoe. Better known as Taleis.   5/14/2012, 8:56 pm

taleis heap

someone somewhere said some things that may spark some sympathy, but don't believe, don't believe a word you've heard about me.

the basics
    name and nicknames: Taleis's full name is Taleisin Emmett Heap the Fourth, but he prefers to go by Taleis. Unknown to Taleis, many of the girls who he had been with call him Sin behind his back and they plot his demise.
    age and birthday: Taleis is seventeen years of age, born on November seventeenth, 1994.
    gender: Taleis is obviously a girl. I mean, look at those curves! Okay, Fishy, time to tone down the sarcasm...
    years at camp: Taleis has been at Camp-Half Blood for two years.
    year rounder or summer: Taleis is a year-rounder, and has been upon arrival.
    claimed or not: Taleis is claimed, although he wasn't claimed until recently.

the physical
    height: Taleis stands at a fairly average height of five feet and nine inches. Taleis's father considered this to be a bit odd, seeing as he was taller, but he just put it off as something he got from his mother.
    hair: Taleis has curly brown hair, that naturally has a messy look to it. The fact that he doesn't always remember to brush it probably doesn't help all that much, but he doesn't mind. Probably because, for one reason or another, many girls seem to think it's attractive. Taleis, on the other hand, is almost always annoyed by his hair because it's impossible for him to get it tidy when it needs to be. When it actually cooperates, he likes his hair. He just hates it the rest if the time.
    eyes: Taleis's eyes are a soft green colour, and they get this oddly clear look when the light hits them a special way. There's something about his eyes that seems to make people want to talk to him, which might be due to the fact that his eyes often have a sad look to them. Even when he's laughing, his eyes tend to looks sad. Taleis isn't sure why this is, but he knows that he doesn't feel sad most of the time.
    piercings: Taleis has no piercings, and he strongly believes that the only piercings that look good are when girls have their ears pierced.
    tattoos: Taleis does not have any tattoos.
    distinguishing features: One of Taleis's distinguishing features are his pristine teeth. In fact, he had the cleanest teeth of everyone in his neighbourhood. Even when he's in disguise, it's easy to tell who he is if he smiles, because of his teeth. While this one isn't much of a physical thing, he has a British accent, which makes it very obvious as to who he is while he's at camp. If he ever were to go back to England, he wouldn't be all that noticeable because of this, but he is in America. One more thing that makes Taleis easy to distinguish from other people is his odd sense of style. While most of the boys from his school would wear clothes that they had left on the floor for several days, Taleis's clothes are always clean, and his clothes tend to be somewhat fancier than most. His curly hair always tends to stick out, too. In fact, Taleis is positive he's never met anyone with hair as curly as his.
    style: Taleis's style is basically what you would see any normal teenager wearing, if not a little bit more dressy at times. Occasionally, he'll wear a blazer to make his outfits look a bit fancier, but he usually wears jeans and a t shirt like any other guy. Sometimes he can be found wearing a pretty dorky looking onesie, and he is aware of how dorky he looks with it on, but he tends to not really care.

the psyche
    • Weird places or objects - One of Taleis's fascinations is weird places or weird objects. He would spend hours on the computer, looking up the most alien places on Earth, although he never let anybody know about that.
    • Reading - Taleis, shockingly, wasn't born with dyslexia, unlike most demigods. While he can still read ancient Greek, it's a struggle for him, but reading English was always easy for him. Many times, if Taleis had nothing to do, he would read. He had a map above his bed where he would put a thumbtack for the location of each book he read. Instead of letting people know that he read books, he would hide them under his bed.

    • Clingy people - Taleis being Taleis and constantly changing his opinion on things such as who he likes or who he's currently romantically involved with, he can't stand it when someone is really clingy and constantly checks in on what he's doing and who he's with. If one of his girlfriends is asking him where he is but he happens to be at the movies with a different girlfriend, he has to come up with some story as to why he's at the movies and why he can't be joined by her and whatnot, and he just has to pray to God that he doesn't call.
    • Rules - The main things that Taleis cannot stand are rules. In his mind, no rule is a good rule, because almost all rules limit what you can do and make the list of things you can't do get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, which just annoys Taleis, seeing as he's someone who generally enjoys doing things without restrictions and exactly how he wants to do them, and not the way someone else wants him to do them.

    • He's fearless - Taleis isn't really afraid of anything. His father was already arrested for many reasons unknown to him, but he's accepted the fact that his father is a bad man. In fact, Taleis would go as far as to say that he hated his father, and once you can admit that, nothing really can scare you anymore. It's not that he's hard, it's quite the opposite. Taleis just isn't afraid of anything, because his father was already arrested in front of his own eyes and he's had to live with his grandparents, neither of whom were happy about him living with them.
    • He doesn't have dyslexia - While this does mean he can't read a sentence in ancient Greek all that well, what it does mean is that he can read English easily. While it would take most demigods a few minutes to decipher a sentence that wasn't in ancient Greek, Taleis can do it just mere seconds.
    • He's confident and outgoing - Taleis is shockingly confident. He can walk into a room full of people he doesn't know, and he's able to walk up to someone and strike a conversation with them. He tends to act a bit odd, because he doesn't stay up to date with the common trends, but, due to his confidence, it seems completely normal. He's fine with who he is and with what he does, which is something that tends to make him believable and not as odd as he would be if he didn't have so much confidence.

    • He's a player - Taleis's biggest flaw/weakness is that he's, well, a player. He'll twist girl's hearts around just for the sake of it. If a girl looks pretty, he'll ask her out even if he's currently seeing someone. Sometimes he doesn't mean to hurt someone, but sometimes it's just that he enjoys the feeling of power it gives him.
    • He's a liar - Another one of Taleis's weaknesses is that he's a huge liar, and not only that, but he's good at it. Taleis knows he's good at lying, and he knows that a lot of people look at him and see how sad he tends to look, and a lot of the time they think, 'Oh, poor kid, his dad's in jail. He deserves to be cut some slack.' Even the people who don't know his back story know that he's got some serious problems. When he lies, he can escape them, and people tend to either pity him or believe him.
    • He's unfaithful - Tying into the fact that he's a player, he's very unfaithful. Even if there's someone who he truly thinks he likes, he screws her over on instinct. It's something he's been doing ever since he first started to go out with girls. If he's out on a date, he'll wait until his date has to go to the bathroom, and then he'll start chatting some other girl up, possibly get her number. All in all, he's horrible at keeping long term relationships, which is about three days for Taleis.
    • He can't read ancient Greek that well - Unlike most demigods, Taleis wasn't born dyslexic, which made it difficult for him to read ancient Greek. While he still can read it, he can't do it very easily. It usually takes him a few minutes to read one sentence in ancient Greek.

    • That someone will see through him - Taleis is always afraid that someone will see through his tough guy disguise and realize that he's basically a nobody. His dad's in jail, but that doesn't make Taleis 'bad', as people tend to assume he is. All he does is twist peoples' hearts around for a bit before he breaks them, but, instead of that making him a jerk, that made him popular at his school. The other guys there seemed to respect him, just because he messed with peoples' emotions, just because he was able to get almost any girls' heart and then snap it like a twig.
    • That there will be someone he can't win over - Another thing that Taleis is constantly afraid of is the there will be a girl who he can't win over. He's used to winning girls over easily, but he knows that, some day, he will find a girl who he won't be able to win over. He's afraid of this because he knows that it would kind of break him inside, knowing that there was one person he could never get.

    • He's not all he appears to be - On the surface, Taleis appears to be someone who knows what he's doing, someone who's really cool and collected. In reality, though, Taleis is the type of person who isn't very good at trusting people and who would much rather spend his evenings with a book. Still, he got the habit of going out in order to escape from his grandparents, and he got so used to it that it became a routine. If his grandparents had acted differently towards him, Taleis would probably have stayed home all those nights and just read books instead of gone out with his friends to do stupid things.

    • To get away from where he is - One thing Taleis first wished when he lived in England with his grandparents, and then when he got to camp, was to get away from there. All in all, he wants to get away from camp, as well as his grandparents, and move somewhere else where nobody he once knew could reach him. There would obviously be a few people who he would keep contact with, but, other than the select few, he would drop all contact with anyone he once knew. He'd move somewhere odd and interesting, where nobody would think to look.

    • Compulsive liar - Taleis is a compulsive liar, although he isn't sure where this comes from. Ever since he first started lying to people, he found that he had to keep building up the lias he created previously by creating new lies, and on and on and on. It eventually got to the point where it became habit, and he started to do it for fun, even, just to see how far he could get away with stuff.

    personality: Most people see Taleis as a heartless jerk who enjoys toying with people's minds, although that isn't exactly the truth. While Taleis acts like that's who he is, he's actually nothing like that if you get to know him. The real Taleis is somewhat of a dork who spends almost all of his free time reading or looking up odd places that he wants to visit. He even has lists of places with facts about each one, all hidden under his bed in a huge trunk that he had dragged down from the attic one day. Instead of being this brave person he makes himself out to be, he really does half of the sh** he does to feel powerful. While Taleis isn't actually weak instead of brave, it's more like he's actually shy. He's just very good at hiding it, and over the years, he has taught himself to believe that he isn't shy. While he is somewhat weak on the inside, he's still shockingly confident for someone his age, but not in the way most teenagers are. While most people he knew were confident in a rash way, Taleis is confident in a more mature way. Instead of having the confidence to swear at someone for doing something he doesn't agree with, he has the confidence to kindly ask the person to not do that and explain why he would not like them to do it. He reaches out to people instead of waiting for them to reach out to him. One other thing about Taleis is that he's a major flirt. Even if he's out on a date, he'll chat some other girl up when his date isn't looking, and possibly swap numbers, which is very unlike someone who actually has trust issues.

the family
    nationality: Taleis was born in America, although he was raised in England by his grandparents from the age of four. Because he lived in England for so long, he's adapted an English accent.
    birthplace: Taleis was born somewhere in California, although nobody knows where exactly. The only person who knows is Melinoe, who gave birth to Taleis in secret.
    hometown: [color=#41294a]Taleis lived in San Diego, California from the ages zero to five. He's lived in London, England since he was six (five and three quarters, to be exact, but he figures that six is close enough). While he does live at camp, his home still technically is his grandparent's flat in England.
    father: Talesin Emmett Heap the Third - Taleis's father is named Taleisin Emmett Heap the Third, as it was a tradition to name the first child Taleisin Emmett Heap, if the first child is a boy. The way that Taleisin met Melinoe was simple, really. Melinoe disguised herself as someone who had just moved into the neighbourhood. Taleisin, of course, didn't know that it was just a disguise, and he befriended her.

    Now, unknowingly, Taleisin had angered Aphrodite. Taleisin taught mythology at the local college, and he would often tell his first wife (who died :C) that she was more beautiful than Aphrodite herself. When Melinoe befriended Taleisin, only meaning to befriend him, Aphrodite made both of them fall in love. After a while, she made Melinoe fall out of love, while Taleisin was still in love with her. Melinoe abruptly left, wondering what it was that made her attracted to Taleisin in the first place, while Taleisin was left to mourn the loss of his lover.

    Nine months later, Taleisin came home from work to find a baby crying on the kitchen counter. There was a note that read, 'This is your child, not mine. I will not raise him.' That was how he knew it was from his lover, and, while he didn't feel like he had the time or money to raise a child, he did it anyways. He came up with a bunch of lies for why he had the baby all of a sudden, but everyone believed him for some reason.

    Several years later, Taleisin was desperate. He didn't have much money, and he had already done everything he could think of, so he attempted to rob a bank. Several people were injured, and one person was killed. Taleisin was arrested with a sentence of twenty years.

    Taleis, of course, never heard of this. He only knew his father did some bad things because he was desperate, and he never did anything to find out.

    Taleisin Emmett Heap the Second - After Taleisin was arrested, Taleis's grandfather and grandmother took him in. Nether were especially happy about it, but they weren't going to leave Taleis to some orphanage or something.

    Taleis referred to his grandfather as the 'Heap of Sins.' His grandfather was just one big ball of bitter, who didn't care for many people. Taleis secretly blamed his grandfather for his father going to jail, because his grandfather seemed like he didn't even care for his own son. In fact, Taleis was sure he could trace all of his problems back to his grandfather, he was so bitter.

    mother: Melinoe - Taleis's mother is Melinoe, the Greek goddess of ghosts. Once, while Melinoe was wandering the Earth, she saw a man all alone. He had a look of sadness but, most of all, there was a look of death to him. This intrigued Melinoe, so she decided to see why the man had this look of death.

    She had never meant to be spotted or recognized, but the man, who's name turned out to be Taleisin Emmett Heap the Third, did start to recognize the little signs of her. Every day, he would see how many signs of his stalker he could see. He treated it like a game, as if he didn't exactly care. That was one of the many things that caught Melinoe's attention, until, one day, she disguised herself as a mortal to see if there was a way she could actually get to know the man.

    It was actually fairly easy for Melinoe to do it, seeing as Taleis's father trusted people easily. Neither of them had been looking for a relationship, but that was what they got. Melinoe never knew why one day she just felt attracted to Taleis's father in a way she hadn't before, but he appeared to have the same feelings. They had an affair, although it was short lived, for Melinoe's feelings for the man evaporated soon after she had started to have them.

    Then she found out she was expecting a child. This was not part of her plan, but she knew who the father was. As soon as she gave birth to her son (Taleis), she left him in his father's house, along with a not that read, 'This is your child, not mine. I will not raise him.' After that, Melinoe dropped out of their lives completely.

    Delanie Meredith Heap - Taleis's grandmother warmed to him slightly more than his grandfather, but it was still noticeable that she didn't really want Taleis to be there. Whereas Taleis's grandfather often would bluntly state his displeasure in Taleis being there, Dalenie would squirm when he asked. Taleis did often ask if they even wanted him there, seeing as they fought often. Delanie would often shift around in her seat for a few moments before saying, "It's not that we don't want you here, honey, it's more like we're slightly inconvenienced at your being here," or something equally dumb that just exaggerated that they didn't want him more than they tried to.

    siblings: Taleis does not have any siblings.
    pets: Taleis has never been much of an animal person.
    history: Ages one through three: Taleis's first years of life were all very similar. His father taught at a university, so he had a babysitter for most of the day. Truthfully, Taleis's dad never had much time for him. His father always seemed to be doing something, mainly working. One of the few things Taleis can remember from these years was that his father was almost always working. Being so young, though, Taleis didn't pay much attention. His babysitter practically raised him, and Taleis had even started calling her Mommy. One time, Taleis's father had heard Taleis call his babysitter Mommy, which had sent him into a rage. He shouted at Taleis to never call anyone Mommy ever again, and then proceeded to fire the babysitter. He had a replacement by the next day.
    Ages four through five: Things really started to go downhill before Taleis had turned four. His father had started to drink, and many people suspected that he was doing drugs. Taleis, of course, didn't know what drugs were, but he knew it was bad from the way people talked about it. Unknown to young Taleis, his father had been fired from his job due to random absences, which were becoming more and more common. At this point, Taleis had been going to a day care, so he wasn't there to see his father passed out drunk on the couch. In fact, he never saw much of his dad, and this didn't change at all when Taleis turned five. When Taleis turned five, though, things really started getting bad. It became fully obvious that his father was an alcoholic, and beliefs of him doing drugs became more enforced, and it was actually true. Still, Taleis knew nothing of this. One day, though, Taleis's father decided that he needed a fix, and bad, so he attempted to rob the local bank. Several people were injured, and one woman was paralyzed from the waist down. When the police arrested Taleis's father, one of them remembered that he had a kid, so he and some others went to tell his child (Taleis) what had happened. When they arrived at the house, though, they were shocked. The house was in terrible condition, and empty beer bottles were littered all over the floor. They decided that Taleis's father was an unstable parent, and he shouldn't be able to see Taleis, even when he got out of jail.
    Ages six through eight: Taleis's closest living relatives who were willing to take him in were his grandparents, who lived all the way in London, England. At first, adjusting was difficult. He had a funny accent and he didn't use the right words, but he was fully adjusted by the age of seven. Taleis actually had started to become popular, too, but that wasn't the case with his grandparents. Taleis and his grandparents hardly ever got along, which Taleis was pretty sure had something to do with a feud with his father that he had heard them mention, although they never would tell him anything about it. Taleis didn't have a problem with that, seeing as he wanted to spend as little time with them as possible, and the same went for his grandparents. They would say yes every time Taleis asked to go over to someone's house, and Taleis asked frequently enough. In fact, Taleis hardly ever had anyone over. Still, there was something odd about his behaviour that his grandparents noticed. He always seemed to be cynical of everyone, and never told anyone anything. While they didn't notice it, Taleis almost always lied to them; he never trusted his grandparents enough to tell them the truth. By age eight, Taleis and his grandparents had fallen into a routine of avoiding eachother as much as possible. In fact, Taleis hardly bothered to show up on time, and his grandparents hardly bothered to enforce it.
    Ages nine through eleven: Taleis really started to turn into quite the socialite at this age. He was friends with nearly everyone, although he still tended to act cynical. He never really trusted anyone with his secrets, or anything at all, really. Still, he didn't let that get in his way. He tried to become friends with as many people as possible, although he found that it was difficult for him to not end up betraying their trust sometimes. As he turned ten, he found this habit harder and harder to break. In fact, he found that he didn't really want to stop, because it made him feel powerful. The thing that really sticks out, though, from when Taleis was ten is that he made his first (and only to date) true friend. When Taleis turned ten, he started to become independent, and he had always had a fondness of music, so he would often walk to the local CD store. One day while he was there, he noticed a boy whom he knew from school, Aidan. Normally he would have ignored him, but he noticed that Aidan was looking at the CD for a band called Panic! At the Disco. Now, Taleis had heard of them and listened to them, and he knew that they started out as a cover band of Blink 182. Not being able to resist, Taleis walked over, tapped the boy on the shoulder, and, once he had his attention, said, "They are such a ripoff of Blink 182." After that, they got into a huge debate over whether or not Blink 182 or Panic! At the Disco was better. Shockingly enough, Taleis ended up going over to Aidan's house, and they've been friends since. Age eleven followed in much of the same matter, with Taleis spending most of his time hanging out with Aidan and arguing over bands.
    Ages twelve through thirteen: When Taleis turned twelve, he started getting interested in girls. While this was far earlier than the rest of the boys his age, Taleis didn't care one bit. Besides, plenty of girls thought that he was cute. So, naturally, Taleis took advantage of this. He would take girls out to the movies, to get ice cream, to the park, all sorts of stuff, yet everything always seemed to end up the same; Taleis backstabbing the girl, and the poor girl being left brokenhearted. Whether it was that he'd stand her up or go out with someone else, he never seemed to be able to date a girl for longer than three days. Shockingly enough, all of the girls didn't seem to get the message and continued to accept his invitations to go out for ice cream, but nothing ever changed. No matter how important the girl thought she was, or how much Taleis liked her, the girl would always end up with a broken heart, one way or another.
    Ages fourteen through fifteen: When Taleis turned fourteen, he seemed to have turned into a full time player. He was breaking girls' hearts left and right, yet they always seemed to come back for more. He still spent all of his free time discussing music or goofing off with Aidan and the guys, as he referred to his group. He called his group of friends Aidan and the guys because Aidan was really his only friend in the group. The guys were just there so Taleis wouldn't get bored, or if Aidan was busy. Just when it seemed that Taleis was spiraling out of control with the way he played girls' hearts, he met someone who was truly special names Kassidy. All of his friends could tell how hard he fell for Kassidy, and it was obvious that Kassidy felt the same. Many people even thought that he would finally have a long term relationship. This was not the case. Taleis had grown so used to breaking hearts that he ended up breaking Kassidy's. It took longer than most, of course, but it still happened. Taleis and Kassidy's relationship was actually Taleis's longest relationship with a girl, lasting two weeks. Now, poor Kassidy, she thought she was really special because of how long Taleis went out with her, but then he broke her heart. Kassidy ended up spiraling into a deep depression, until her family eventually moved away. A few months later, everyone found out that she had committed suicide. This had an awfully hard effect on Taleis, who started spending more and more time with Aidan to help himself get over it. While Aidan was angry with Taleis when he heard of what Taleis did to Kassidy, and he did slap Taleis, he was always there for him. Over this time period, Taleis found himself getting closer, and closer, and closer to Aidan. He wasn't sure when it was, but he realized that he had started to feel attracted to Aidan. Of course, he rejected the thought that he was happy immediately, although he did consider the fact that he might be bisexual for some time. Still, he found the idea all to frightening and always pushed it away, deciding that he was simply confused due to all the drama with Kassidy. On a completely random note, though, when Taleis and Aidan were fifteen, they got attacked by a monster. They ran straight to Aidan's house, and, despite Taleis's protests, they ended up telling Aidan's mom. Aidan's mom had been warned by Aidan's father that these things might happen, as well as given the address to camp in case they do. Knowing that then was the right time, she sent Taleis and Aidan off to camp after telling Taleis's grandparents.

    • He can summon ghosts - One of Taleis's powers is that he has the ability to summon ghosts. In order for this to work, he has to do a ceremony not too unlike the one that Nico performs in The Battle of the Labyrinth, except it takes much more energy for Taleis to perform it, seeing as he isn't as strong a demigod as Nico. Just like with Nico, Taleis needs to fill a six foot deep hole with food and drinks as offerings for the dead. Then he must chant in ancient Greek for a few minutes until the ghosts start to appear. Unfortunately, Taleis doesn't have full control over the spirits when he summons them, which is why he doesn't use this power all the often. He has control over the spirits for about ten minutes until he can no longer hold them and they leave.He can use this power about three times a week, at most.
    • He can act as a medium - This power comes much easier to Taleis that summoning ghosts. This power lets him work as a medium between the living world and the underworld, allowing spirits to (kind of) possess his body for a bit, giving him messages that the deceased want to give to the living. There are only two ways this power can be accessed. The first way is if someone comes to him wanting to speak to someone who is deceased, and the deceased person is willing to speak to the living person. This power is easier than the other option, and he can hold it for fifteen to twenty minutes. The second way he can do it would be that a spirit in the area wants to speak to someone, so it forces itself into Taleis's body. This time it can be heald for a certain amount of time depending on how much determination the ghost has to stay there. Once the ghost leaves his body, it leaves him exhausted, and he cannot use the power until ten hours have passed, meaning he could to it about two times a day. The second way he can do it causes him to become far more tired because, well, having a ghost try and shove itself into your body isn't pleasant, and he often tries to fight the ghost so it doesn't take control over him. The spirits can only take control over his mouth and have him say things, although, if the ghost is really determined/angry, it can cause him to do things. This is very rare, though.
    • Shadow travelling - Like most demigod children of underworld gods, Taleis has the ability to travel from place to place via shadows. While this power doesn't use as much energy as his other powers, it still does leave him feeling pretty tired. Still, being able to use it twelve times a day is an improvement to how many times he could do it before. The maximum amount of space that Taleis can travel over is two hundred yards by himself, which is significantly lowered to ninety yards if he has a companion. The maximum number of companions that Taleis can bring with him is one extra person. The power literally doesn't work if he attempts to bring anyone else with him. Between shadow traveling, Taleis must wait at least half an hour before he can shadow travel again, and at least forty five minutes if he wants to shadow travel with someone else.

    role-play example:
    not only do you get to see a role play example, but also the posting format!:
    weapon: Taleis has a Stygian iron sword, as well as a small celestial bronze dagger he nabbed from the weapons shed.
    play-by: The person I used as Taleis's play-by is Harry Styles of One Direction.
    extra notes: Taleis is bisexual, although he's in the closet. It isn't that he's ashamed of it or anything, he's just afraid of being rejected.

coded by jules @ caution 2.0.

    Code for Taleis's rp format:
    <div style="width: 400px; background-color: #cedae8; padding: 7 7 7 7px;">

    <div style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 30px; font-style: italic; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: -2px; color: #f9f9f4; text-shadow: 3px 0px 3px #808080;">someone somewhere said some things</div>
    <center><div style="width: 375px; text-align: justify; font-family: trebuchet ms; font-size: 9px; color: #000; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%;">that may spark some sympathy, but don't believe, don't believe a word you've heard about me.</div></center>
    </div><div style="background-color: #f4f4f4; padding: 7 7 7 7px; width: 400px;">
    <table border="0"><td><div style="width:200px;height:300px;"><img src=http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif></div></td>
    <td><div style="width:190px; height:300px; overflow: auto; font-family: helvetica; font-size: 10px; color: #000; text-align: justify; line-height: 100%; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;">

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Taleisin Emmett Heap the Fourth, son of Melinoe. Better known as Taleis.
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