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 Character. Yeah. (DONE!)

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PostSubject: Character. Yeah. (DONE!)   5/11/2012, 7:07 pm

Mary Jonas
"When I'm here with you, well I said that world could be burning and burning down,"

Name: Mary Jonas
Age: She is sixteen, going on seventeen. Her birthday is on July twenty-fourth.
Gender: She is currently female, and plans to get a bit of surgery when she's twenty four or so.
Physical description: 579 is tall... ish. She's five feet with seven inches, which I suppose is tall. Her legs are long and has a small waist. She has coffee-with-milk skin, with a near perfect complexion. She has common brown eyes, but she likes to think that her eyes have an intensity that makes people fear her. Sometimes it works. Most of the time, though, it doesn't. Her very dark hair falls perfectly sometimes, and it is very manageable. She has a long scar running down her left calf, from a trip to the Grand Canyon gone askew. She constantly paints her nails colours her stepmother would have considered 'not suitable for a young lady.' The most common colours are gold, black, green, and hot pink. She dresses in a way that most people at school would like to dress like, but they're too aware of trends. But Miss 579 is at the same fashion pace than the rest of the world, and her little town in southern Utah, so small that it seems to take up like five blocks (though it takes up much more) doesn't seem to realize that her clothes are actually quite trendy.
Personality description: Miss 579 loves it when people give them their undivided attention.She needs everyone's eyes on her to feel seen. Often, this annoys people, but let her do what she wants. Perk of a special ed kid, eh? But she hates it when people treat her like one. Her school makes her be in special ed because of her dyslexia and ADHD, and she's the only that has to. It pisses her off, because she often is taken out of class to take extra tests that she shouldn't even have to do, but her stepmother thought they could somehow fix her. She hates her stepmother. Her father even more. If there's one thing she's good at, it's making sure someone is respecting another. She hates when people treat others like crap, like anyone should. Miss 579 acts like she's fearless, and just might be, if it weren't for her fear of snakes. She loves spiders, sure, amphibians are no problem. But she cannot stand reptiles. She tends to be an open book, letting others know her few weaknesses, for they aren't big things. She wants to be a psychologist when she's older, but she'd rather go to beauty school. Her father wants her to be a theoretical physicist. She has just about a million of quirks. She bites her nails, snaps her fingers when she's bored to a song in her head, she's clumsy, too. It's one of the things that help her be a bit more human human. She trips over her own feet, and she could be standing, and her feet would twist, causing to fall on her face. She tries to be this strong, fearless, person, but the people who really know her, know that she's a real sweetie. She doesn't trust people easily.
She also doesn't believe in God. Or gods. Or anything besides science for that matter. When she learned she was a demigod, she laughed in the satyr's face. Then she went on a rant about how religion is just a ruse for spineless jellyfish who need to believe in something to feel important (not insulting jellyfish or anything. She loves jellyfish). Or be a part of cult, basically, to feel part of something.
Her favourite shows include House and Doctor Who, though she only likes Who because she loves pointing the impossible things. She doesn't do this when watching with friends, however.

Nationality: She is originally from Georgia, but doesn't remember what city. She likes to think that one city where Mardi Gras takes place, though she can't remember the name of that, either. She speaks English, Spanish, French, and a bit of Italian.
Hometown: She lived in Hurricane, Utah, until recently. Despite the name, she has never actually seen a hurricane. The place is very close to Zion National park, so she's seen lots of tourists, though none stay long enough to really know them (Oh all the cute boys lost T-T).
Family: Her immortal parent is Aphrodite, and her mortal father is some guy named Aaron Jonas. He married a lady named Peggy Johanssen. 579 DESPISES Peggy. And the feeling is mutual. In 579's eyes, she doesn't belong anywhere near these people. She's too high class for that. Peggy tries her best to be educated, but she dropped out of school when she was seventeen to have her first child, but he died. Peggy insists that Miss 579 will do the same she did. She smokes, she swears, she comes home drunk. 579 hates it. She is convinced eventually her father will end up just like her, and she can't think about that happening. Her father is the CEO of some obscure company of clothes only hipsters use, because no one else knows about it. Thus, they have enough money for a four floored mansion. And Peggy uses their money for smokes and beer, and the occasional nip and tuck.
Gabriel is the only one who really listens to 579. He is the second child of Peggy, around the same age as 579. He hates his mother. He spends more time out with Miss 579 doing SOS work than at home doing homework. But he's a different story. Coming from a poor home, he appreciates 579 and the maids' help with etiquette, and all that jazz.

Pets: She had a (mexican) zebra fish, and an (american) zebra fish Carina stop with the inside jokes just stop. Peggy ate them. I'm sorry to say, but she just cooked them up and ate them whole.
History: She was born in Georgia, an absolute beauty. Who knows why her father moved to so small a town? She grew up in Hurricane, and only left it four times, Disneyland, Italy, Camp Half Blood and Harry Potter world. She was about thirteen when her father married Peggy, because he thought she needed a proper woman to help her through her.... Girl issues.... He was wonderstruck by her beauty, but blind to her nature. Gabriel and 579 became friends against their mother pretty soon when Gabriel heard her talking over the phone with a friend about how horrible Peggy was. Her house in Hurricane wasn't really in Hurricane. It was off to one side, in the woods, sort of. It was by an unguarded opening to Zion's Park, so she could come and go as she pleased. She often spent her time there, drawing, writing, but mostly drawing. Once, when she came back with Gabriel at about four in the morning (They took one Monster each, how were they supposed to sleep?) Peggy found them jumping the fence, pulled them the hair into the house and hit them. Not for discipline, like she should've, but she actually beat them until they bled. In the morning, they decided to go again, just to spite her. When she was fifteen, she met a satyr who told her she was a child of Aphrodite. She laughed, and knocked the guy out. He kept hounding her about it for a year, as much as she tried to get him off her back, and though she'd already been claimed, during school no less, she still didn't believe. She still doesn't, for it just doesn't make sense. She reads Steven Hawking every day she is at camp, because she can't let herself buy into the Greek gods stuff.
Role play example: Miss 579 fell back on the grass, Gabriel on one side of her, her best friend Pete on the other. It was dark outside, and the stars were shining like never before. "What if there's actually something out there?" She thought aloud. "I mean, if you take the variable of the stars the same distance from the sun as we are, the variable of planets that are habitable, and the variable of planets with actual life on them, we could be the only ones in the universe. But we could also be one small species of many. Doesn't that make you feel so small?"
Pete laughed. "Miss 579, able to make the simplest thing into a scientific existential crisis."
"Shut up, Pete, this is my dream!" She laughed. She nudged Gabriel. "What do you think?"
"It's possible, sure. But it's terrifying, too. Maybe we are the only humans, but not the only intelligent life. We've seen the movies, about the killer aliens. Maybe those are real, but they don't think Earth, a planet so small, is important enough to invade."
That made them all stay silent, looking up at the stars, their thoughts spinning in their heads.

Powers: Powers, powers... Well, she can create a false sense of love for about an hour, fifteen times a day. An hour is as long as she can do it each time, and she gets really, really, nauseous. If she goes over fifteen, she dies. If she goes over ten, she gets really, really tired, like, pass out on the spot tired.
Weapons: A gold chain she wears around her neck, belonging to another child of Aphrodite, she guesses, that turns into a three foot CB sword. She found it in the woods, and it's her main weapon.

"Dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room? When I'm here with you, I said the world could be burning and burning down until there's nothing dark blue. Just dark blue.."

Mary Jonas ~ Aphrodite Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin |
Aidan Mason ~ Thalia Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) - The Wombats. |
Lane Castillo-Leon ~ Anubis WAMS - Fall Out Boy |
Venito Alessio Quadrelli ~ Summanus Carry On - fun. |

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PostSubject: Re: Character. Yeah. (DONE!)   5/17/2012, 9:36 pm


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Zahra Klein, artistic orphan daughter of Ptah,
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and lastly, Catalina Liakos, the very intelligent, amiable, tough-as-nails daughter of Prometheus.
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Character. Yeah. (DONE!)
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