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 The leader of the Greek quest.... Dahlia Leslie

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PostSubject: The leader of the Greek quest.... Dahlia Leslie   4/8/2012, 8:39 pm

Dahlia Leslie-Demeter

{I want to turn the whole thing upside down, I'll find the things they say just can't be found}
Character Name:
Obviously, her name is Dahlia. Dehlia Leslie.

Again, obviously, Dahlia's a girl. Did you not notice the picture and name?! /sigh/

Dahlia is fourteen years old, to turn 15 on April 24th, 2012.

Physical Description:
Being short, Dahlia's age is questioned often. She's only about 4'11", with features that can pass as younger than she is. She is not stick thin, and she's not chubby either. You could say she's normal figured. She has cropped, brown, unmanageable, wavy hair that just brushes the tops of her shoulders and a swoop of side bangs across her forehead. She doesn't often wear makeup, and if she does, it's a minimal amount. She just doesn't like it, she thinks it's frivolous. Pale, she burns quickly in the sunlight as well as gains freckles, with a constant smattering across her cheekbones and shoulder blades. With round, doe shaped brown eyes, she would be considered cute, or maybe even pretty, but she isn't gorgeous by any means.

Personality Description:
Dahlia has an interesting personality. She can be kind to those who she trusts and caring, but she will act hostile to anyone who poses a threat to her, being a natural leader. She is defensive of her emotions and often bottles them up, feigning a poker face and putting off her emotions for a later time. She always tries to act in the best interests of herself, but more importantly the people on her side. She is loyal to those she trusts, but it can take a bit to win her over and she is rather stubborn if she really believes in something. She makes sure that people understand what she asks of them, but she won't necessarily try to force her ideas on someone. Despite her strong, confident outer behavior, she is really rather sensitive, especially when insulted. She is smart and has common sense, and this augments her leadership capabilities. Also, she is rather hyper due to her ADHD, and she can sometimes come off as extremely energetic.

God and Mortal Family:
Dahlia's mother is Demeter, goddess of agriculture and the Earth, and her father is, (what else?) a botanist. He's pretty normal, and he and Dahlia maintain a healthy relationship unlike many demigods and their parents.

As a daughter of Demeter she has powers over the Earth and the growing process. She can:
  • Grow vines out of the ground, strong enough to trip someone or wrap around their leg and make it kind of hard for them to budge. (10 times a day)
  • Grow small flowers, which don't really have any affect on anyone. (45 times a day)
  • Cause existing plants, such as trees, to move. For example, she could make a tree branch swing at someone's head. (25 times a day, more of less depending on the extremity of the movement.
  • Make existing plants (seedlings) grow more quickly and heal withering (not dead) plants. (15 times a day)

Of course, she probably couldn't do ALL of this in one day without being extremely tired and falling asleep for about a day. xD. Each power drains her a bit, the least a small headache and as they get more extreme they make her increasingly drowsy/lightheaded, causing her to need to refuel or take a nap. If she uses her powers too much, she would probably pass out. The only powers that don't really drain her are growing flowers and healing plants, because this takes a minimal amount of energy.


Dahlia fights with a thin, almost delicate looking sword that is just over 2' long, made of celestial bronze.

As a daughter of Demeter, she's a natural at growing anything. She can make something grow out of nearly nothing, and heal nearly dead plants. It's pretty impressive. She's a pretty talented fighter, having taken fencing in elementary and middle school, when she did attend, and she's quite smart, filled with common sense. She's good at making plans and initiating them, she's a natural leader.

Dahlia had a relatively modest childhood compared to many demigods', but her story deserves to be told nonetheless. She was born in Oahu, a major Hawaiian island where her father was studying different species of flowers. She lived there until she was 11, not facing many monster attacks whatsoever due to her distance from Olympus and seclusion on the island.

The spring she turned 11, however, her father was drawn to Washington state to work on a new project, where he remains to this date. Dahlia hated Washington, with its dank climate. It was really the polar opposite of Hawaii, and she felt constricted and perturbed. Her father made the discovery that their life wouldn't be all so easy back in America when she encountered a few minor monsters.

Her life in school was rather uneventful.

Dahlia remained in Washington regardless until the fall before she turned 13, when she encountered a particularly nasty monster that caused their home to be destroyed. Her father began to search to options for demigods, and when Dahlia was claimed on her thirteenth birthday a local Searcher recognized her demigodliness and offered to guide her to camp. She accepted his offer and stays there mostly year round now, with trips a few times a year to visit her father. It is almost Dahlia's third year at camp now, and it is unbeknownst to her that she will soon be offered the opportunity to lead her own quest, something she has wanted to do for a while.

Theme Song: "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson
Dahlia will be the leader of the Greek quest for the plot

{I'll share this love I find with everyone. We'll sing and dance to mother nature's songs}
{I don't want this feeling to go away}

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PostSubject: Re: The leader of the Greek quest.... Dahlia Leslie   4/8/2012, 8:54 pm

I approved this post:P

Anyways, if Alex goes on the wuest. Since no one knows about Rue and him SHE SHOULD TOTTALY FLIRT WITH hIM:D more rue hatred!
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The leader of the Greek quest.... Dahlia Leslie
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