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 New long character.

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PostSubject: New long character.   4/5/2012, 11:01 pm

Character Name: Vincent Schmidt
Gender: Male
Age: 16 and a half
Description: Vince's hair is a muddy brown mop that always looks like someone threw a ferret on top of his head. His eyes are brown, speckled with orange, red, and gold. Vince is about 6 feet, give or take. He's pretty lean, but has a durable body from enduring beatings from his father. He is missing his left arm (has a metal prosthetic arm) and his right leg (this is also a prosthetic). (Both are fully mechanical). He has burnt skin all over the left side of his face, and has a scar under his right eye that runs down his face till it touches his chin. Vince has scars all over his body. He normally wears flame-proof gloves and T-shirts, paired with brown fleece jackets and khaki pants. When he isn't wearing his normal get-up, he's wearing long-sleeved shirts and no gloves, and jeans.
God and mortal parent: Vesta and Westin Schmidt.
Powers**: He has control over fire, in general. Specifically? He can make walls of fire, burn down houses, provide light, etc. If he makes a wall of fire, let's say... an eighth of a mile long, it drains up half of his energy. He can also create towers of fire that have a diameter of a 2 feet, and the temperature at the core is about.. oh let's say 120 degrees max. One will pretty much exhaust him completely. Creating light barely drains his energy. Vince can keep a light burning for 2 hours before he starts getting nauseated. He's mildly heat resistant, and can stand 100 degrees with a thermal long-sleeved shirt on. He cannot create flame from the missing arm and leg, but can transfer fire to there, as they are not flesh.
Flaws: He's pretty shy and timid around strangers, although he attempts to hide this. He's not fireproof while using his powers either, so he has to wear fireproof clothing that looks like normal clothing. Vince is also hesitant to fight or use his powers, and will never strike first. He is a bit unrestrained when it comes to anger. Vince is weak to coldness. He's also an accomplished pyromaniac.
Pets: None.
Weapon: An Imperial Gold Falchion, and a standard Bow.
Talents/Skills: Fire eating, Shows that involve fire, cooking, making a fire and keeping it up, making pottery and glass, smithing.
RP Example*: Vince woke up, feeling groggy and sick. He tried pushing himself up, but failed. He looked over at his arm and saw it was missing. Panicking, he tried to recall what had happened. He remembered vaguely being cut apart by his father... and then... he... set fire to the house? It was all blurry and confusing. He looked around. A hospital. Clean sheets, white beds and cloths... the everlasting smell of medicine and anti-septic... he thought he would never see this place again. The doctor walked in, looking calm, along with a man with a brownish beard and a mud stained jacket. "I understand you may be wondering why you're here. Well, as you may have discovered, you're missing some limbs. Now, according to this man, he rescued you from a burning building, and is willing to pay for prosthetics, along with taking you in as a foster parent. What do you say lad?" the doctor said calmly, and clasped his hands. Vince thought for a moment, and then nodded at the offer.
Biography*: Vincent lived up in the mountains with his father, a rather nice man. One day, his dad remarried, and married a cruel person. Vince's stepmom forced his dad to beat him. Eventually, Westin became cruel as well. When Vince was disobedient, failed to do something, or had bad grades, they would beat him horribly. On the night of his 13th birthday, his parents eventually decided to get rid of Vince, and started cutting off his limbs. Bleeding to death, Vince, as a last ditch attempt, accidentally set fire to the house and his parents. Vince was rescued by a passing by lumber-jack, and was taken to the hospital. He started getting expelled from various schools because of setting fire to a variety of things with his new found powers. After living at the lumber jack's house for a year, he was taken to the Wolf House by a passing by wolf. After training for a year, he was sent off to Camp Jupiter. Along the way, he met several complications, and ended up 6 months late.
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PostSubject: Re: New long character.   4/10/2012, 8:57 pm

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New long character.
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