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 A new roman! Hehe.

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PostSubject: A new roman! Hehe.    4/4/2012, 8:32 pm

Character Name: Bailey Rae Parker
Gender: Bailey is a girl, or atleast she thought she was a girl.
Age: Bailey is sixteen years old, she will be seventeen on May 15th.
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Bailey has long, dark brown hair, that has a slight natural curl to it. She either wears her hair in a simple braid, some type of fancy braid, or down. Her eyes are a greenish-gray type color, with a bit of brown mixed in. Her skin is a normal skin tone, with a slight tan. She is skinny, yet still muscular. She stands at a height of around, 5'7''.

Bailey doesn't care to much about fashion, in fact she doesn't care at all. Most of the time, she wears simple clothing that makes it easy to train. This normally consits of, athletic shorts or pants, her camp t-shirt, or another t-shirt, and some running shoes. Sometimes she wears a jacket of some form. On ocasions she will wear jeans, and a nicer shirt.
God and mortal parent: Bailey's mortal parent is Tori Parker, a actress. Her father, is unknown.
Powers**: None, she's unclaimed.
Flaws: Bailey is a very prideful person, she believes she can do anything. She hates to admit, whenever she loses. Bailey is also deathly afraid of large fires, like house fires, a bon fire, won't bother her to much. She is also very loyal, she will do anything thing for the ones she loves, or cares about.
Pets: Bailey doesn't own an animals, but she is considering getting one.
Weapon: Bailey has a bow, and arrows, the tips are made of Imperial gold, besides this Bailey has an imperial gold sword, and a shield.
Talents/Skills: Bailey is a very fast runner, she is also good at climbing. Bailey is also pretty talented at gymnastics, and soccer. She can also sing, though she doesn't normally share this talent with anyone.
RP Example*: Bailey walks up the hill towards, the Caldacott tunnel, she is clad in her armor, and caring her bow, her sword straped to herside. She sighs softly, and makes her way towards, the guard's post. She sits her bow down, and stands next to it. She then crosses her arms, and waits.

After a while, Bailey starts to look around. She notices that, her fellow guard companion hasn't shown up yet. She sighs softly, and waits, staring out at the road. She'd talk to someone about it later, but for now she had a job to do. She sighs, and shifts around a bit. Man, guard duty can be pretty boring.

Just as she starts to think of what, she could be doing she hears a sound. Bailey quickly grabs her bow, and runs in the direction, of the sound. She sees a boy, tired and bloody, and halts. This was the tricky part, she wasn't allowed to help him. She stands there, and watches the boy.

Biography*: Bailey was raised, in Boston, MA. Here she lived in a nice fancy, apartment with her mother. As a child Bailey loved the city. It was so huge and full of wonder! As she grew older, she started loving it even more.
Notes: When I decide to have her be claimed, I'll pm an admin. Bailey expesicaly loved the crazy driving. She found it funny, how people would park on the sidewalks.

As she grew older, Bailey would spend more, and more time wondering around the city. She often lost track of time, and would end up staying out to late, which worried her mother. Finially, her mom took action, and started to punish Bailey. Pretty soon, the punishment, got to be pretty bad, for a period, before it calmed down again.

When Bailey turned thirteen, her mother left her a note telling her to find the Wolf House, and Lupa. So Bailey gathered her things, along with two weapons her mother gave her. Bailey then set out for the Wolfhouse. After around two weeks, she found it. She then trained with Lupa, before heading to camp. Where she has lived for a while, now.
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PostSubject: Re: A new roman! Hehe.    4/4/2012, 9:49 pm

Well Since I'm assuming Romans aren't bound by the claimed by 13 situation. Approved.

Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
15 slots open

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A new roman! Hehe.
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