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 Two Roman siblings: The Beckers

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PostSubject: Two Roman siblings: The Beckers   3/28/2012, 6:47 pm

{I'm fly, the original. I'm sly, unpredictable... I'm nearly irresistible, and I don't even try}

Character Name:
Margaret (Maggie) Becker

Maggie's a girl...

Mags turned fifteen years old on February 2nd, 2012.

Physical Description:
Being the daughter of beauty, Maggie is naturally, well... pretty, with sun-kissed blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders, relatively pale skin, a light dusting of freckles and rather striking hazel eyes. At average height, Margaret stands at about 5'5" and she's relatively slim, lacking an athletic build.

A Venus child, Margaret does tend to wear makeup, but she doesn’t generally wear a lot of it. It is usually rather subtle, just a bit of eyeliner, mascara, a light dusting of blush and a swoop of lip gloss, and it never overpowers her features. She has a distinct style of clothing, and her old, worn combat boots are her signature wardrobe item.

Personality Description:
Maggie isn’t really a typical daughter of Venus. She doesn’t try to pick up guys, it kind of happens naturally, and if she were to be perfectly honest, she didn’t appreciate that factor of herself. She tries to put herself as far from the valley girl daughter of Venus stereotype as possible, with her combat boots, relatively short hair and interesting wardrobe that consists of military style hats, fishnet tights, denim skirts, dresses, leather jackets and the like. She’s fun loving, a social butterfly, and absolutely adores to be around her friends, those who can see through her initial façade into the real her. While she isn’t book smart, she has a lot of common sense and street smarts. She may come off as a bit thick and careless initially, but she really is not that way, as would testify most of the people who know her well. She is a bit rebellious, tending to become a bit hotheaded when it comes to something that she is passionate about, and her dyslexia is extremely bad, more so than is normal for a demigod.

God and Mortal Family:
Margaret's mother is Venus and she shares a father with her brother, Damon. Her dad's name is Patrick Becker, but their relationship is... complicated.

Maggie has powers that are hard for her to control, which is odd for most demigods, but she has the ability to make someone feel an attraction to herself. For example, guys will feel attracted to her if she waves to them in a restaurant or talks to them in the hall at school. The attraction is almost imperceptible, though, and the romantic feeling is really ungenuine. To her, this is more of a curse than a power, and she hasn't learned to properly control it yet. Guys tend to stare at her for a moment, but the aura usually wears off after a few seconds of them meeting her. Still, it leaves her feeling uneasy and feeling as if she receives attention for the wrong reasons. This so-called “talent” also works on monsters, albeit male monsters, which is not a good thing. It is likely; however, that she will learn to control it with time and possibly channel it more directly, though this will drain her.


Maggie dislikes fighting, because she’s not very good at it, but when she does fight she uses a long, imperial gold dagger, one that she picked especially because its hilt is bedazzled with purple and orange rhinestones.

Margaret is not especially talented in music or sports, as many kids are, but she is great at drawing. She’s great at simply sketching things out, making designs or plans for something. What she is lacking in book smarts she has in common sense, and this is often evident through her detailed battle plans. She is also good at designing armor and clothing, although she’s not as good at actually making these things.

Dual Biography located at bottom.
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{You're ducking and moving just to hide your bruising from all your enemies, and I'm in the crossfire dodging the bullets from all your expectancies}
Character Name:
Damon Becker

There would be a major problem if Damon was a girl, because he's sure as heck convinced otherwise.

Damon turned 17 years of age on December 18th, 2011.

Physical Description:
Damon, albeit a descendant of Vulcan, is relatively handsome due to his father's good genetics. He has the same blonde hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes as his sister, ironically since they are only half-siblings, but he lacked her freckles. He was taller, standing at 6'3", with a muscular build due to his love of sports. He isn’t beautiful, but he is rather attractive.

Personality Description:
Damon, unlike his sister, is a bit uptight and practical in his lifestyle. Where his sister is fun loving and rash, Damon is rational and careful about what he chooses to do. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to have fun, or be social, because he does both, but he keeps more to himself than his sister, suppressing his emotions rather than unleashing them upon everyone. He is protective of those he loves, especially Maggie, and he is very steadfast, keeping to the decisions and promises that he makes. He and his sister maintain a very close relationship, despite their differences in personality.

God and Mortal Family:
Damon is a descendant of Vulcan, being that his mother, Amelia, had been Vulcan’s daughter. His father was a mortal, Patrick Becker, whom he shared with his sister, Maggie. The two also had another sister, Grace, who would now be 12, but that was another story...

Damon's only a descendant of Vulcan, his grandson, so his powers are extremely limited. Regardless, Damon is pretty resistant to fire unless he stands in it for more than ten minutes, and he's very good at making a fire with natural elements such as wood and flint. This is the extent of his ability; however, and his abilities are rather minute.


Damon fights with an imperial gold sword, about 2 and a quarter feet in length. It’s nothing particularly fancy, even though Damon could potentially construct something great in the forges.

Damon is naturally talented at sports, excelling at most any athletic activity that he strives to do, whether it is swordplay, football, soccer, or lacrosse. He is naturally book smart, with A’s in all of his classes, and he’s also talented at forgery, as most Vulcan descendants are.

Again, dual bio below.
Song: "Call It What You Want"- Foster the People.

{Call it what you want, yeah just call it what you want}

Dual Biography:
In order to understand Damon and Margaret’s relationship, I suppose you need to understand their father, Patrick Becker, first. Here we go…

Patrick Becker was an unlucky man. He was just a measly mortal, albeit one who could see through the elusive mist, and he was easily swayed, falling in love far too quickly with all of the wrong people. In retrospect, he regrets his decisions, but it was far too late when he realized everything that had gone awry. Anyway, onto his story. When he was only 22, young and naïve, Patrick met the love of his life in college, a kindhearted, determined young woman named Amelia. She was everything to him, and there was only one complication to their love- she was a demigod, a daughter of the Roman god Vulcan. As with all demigods, Amelia was constantly chased by monsters, but this threat did not stop Patrick from following her everywhere. Within two years, with Patrick still finishing medical school, the two were married at a very downscale event in Naples, Florida. A couple months later, it was determined that Amelia had become pregnant with their first son, Damon, much to the couple’s immense surprise. During her pregnancy Patrick finished his medical schooling and began a small job at the local hospital where they had settled in Florida, and all was relatively well with the happy couple. The fates were not on their side; however, when Amelia was forced to give birth to her son prematurely, and due to complications with the birth she died only a few hours after Damon was born. Patrick was devastated, and this devastation did affect Damon’s early childhood, forcing him to become more independent than most children by even the age of two.

Throughout Patrick’s depression, he was consoled by a beautiful woman, one who he guiltily offered his heart to, and she seized it. He should have realized that this woman was a goddess, and not just a regular goddess but Venus, the Roman goddess of love, but he did not. She bore him a child quickly, seeing as being the fertility goddess had its advantages. Two months after their affair a gurgling, pink, absolutely beautiful little infant appeared at his doorstep, swaddled in a soft blanket, wailing. Patrick realized immediately what this entailed and took in his new daughter, the arrival helping to bring him back to reality. He quickly fell back into the scheme of things, determined to raise his two children properly, to be strong for them.

His previous lover visited him occasionally, checking in on the state of their daughter, Margaret, and his well-being. Sometimes, though, she looked rather different, seeming to have two different forms. Patrick took notice of this fact, but was completely oblivious to the fact that this was abnormal for the goddess. The two had a second affair two years later while she was in a different form, her Greek form, Aphrodite, and she bore Patrick another daughter, Grace. After this she did not contact Patrick often, if ever, and he was left to raise his children on his own terms, still devastated with the loss of his first and only true love, Amelia.

With three partly divine children, monsters attacked the family’s small town residence frequently, causing Patrick to move the family to a penthouse apartment building in Fort Lauderdale, away from his past and sheltered by the odor of mortals. Patrick was a successful surgeon and the family was well off… well, as well off as they could have been, lacking a mother and much structure. All three children were sent to a private school, although Margaret was forced to change schools in quite a few instances, always placed in the lowest academic program due to her severe dyslexia. Grace and Damon were both moderately intelligent, though, and managed to stay in one school. Grace and Margaret discovered their demigod-ly powers quite early, Grace able to manipulate them to her own advantages and Maggie unable to manipulate hers at all. Neither of them realized what they were, however, for a long time. Grace may never have.

The children had a modest upbringing with decent relationships, the siblings extremely close, though they tended to remain more distant from their father, who tried his best but was unsuccessful in raising his children properly due to the amount of time he spent working at the hospital and his previous emotional scarring. All three were independent in their own ways, but dependent on one another to thrive. Their cushy life was interrupted; however, when Grace, 9 at the time, disappeared while on a trip to New York City. Oblivious of the dangers that lay there, the Becker family had taken a trip to see the great city, and on their last day there, after a horrible monster attack, Grace was simply gone. Patrick and Damon, then 14, contacted local police authorities, but Grace was never to be found, assumed dead. Damon and Margaret were equally devastated and confused, demanding answers from their father. He refused them for three years, until finally Margaret received a dream message from her mother, Venus, discovering what their father had been hiding from them for over a decade… they were demigods, she and Grace full siblings, or so Maggie thought, and Damon a descendant of Vulcan. Damon and Margaret set out the next day, leaving their father after a particularly nasty verbal brawl, determined to locate this so-called Camp Jupiter. They did, although it took them a good week and a half and a good amount of money "borrowed" from their father's bank account, and they began their training there in early February of 2012.

Characters? (click here)
Zahra Klein, artistic orphan daughter of Ptah,
Matthew James Maguire, lucky irish son of Caerus,
Riley Peterson, son of Geras who turns randomly into an old man,
Catheryn Cade, stubborn unclaimed daughter of Psyche,
Alison Grey, yet another witty child of Geras, half-sister to one Riley Peterson,
and lastly, Catalina Liakos, the very intelligent, amiable, tough-as-nails daughter of Prometheus.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Roman siblings: The Beckers   3/28/2012, 8:52 pm


Lol, Interesting set of Characters. Approved.

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Two Roman siblings: The Beckers
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