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 Cassie Rush

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PostSubject: Cassie Rush   3/24/2012, 3:42 pm

Cassie Rush

how many years young are you?
"I'm fifteen years young. I turn sixteen next year in February."

female or male?
"Last time I checked I was a female. Unless my eyes lie to me."

does your god parent care about you?
"Yeah, I'm Claimed. It took a while, though. It happened about two months ago. I was standing at the food sacrificing fire thing when the Mess Hall got deadly quiet. I was startled so naturally, I looked around at everyone. They were all staring at me. This never had happened before, dude. I was freaking out. I looked up at the ceiling just in time to see to see a flaming anvil above my head. I've been hanging with my brothers in the Hephaestus cabin ever since."

what about your other family? you know, the normal ones.. ?
"Well, my mom's an awesome lady. Her name's Joanna Rush. She's real cool, but she's a little blunt and harsh. She never liked to beat around the bush. She always told me that she didn't know how. I always believed her. My mom is fierce. She's a strong woman who can endure anything. In high school she was teased a lot for her red hair, which was super thick and curly at the time. Now it's wavy and is a lighter red shade. But, in high school it was bright, freaking red. Like mine.
"In high school, my mom was kind of popular despite the teasing she endured. She hung out with the popular girls because she played sports, but she always dated the Greasers and the mechanics because her father ran and owned the only mechanic's shop in the town. She lived in a small town so he was one of very few mechanics and he always told her that she would one day run the little shop. And she did. In high school she took welding and mechanics classes. She was real smart and went into the army to fix tanks and stuff for America. She was almost called onto the line of duty but they finally decided that it wasn't necessary.
"Throughout her years, my mom had a long time best friend. His name was Johnny Crane. Johnny and my mom were friends for so long that they thought of each as brother and sister for the longest time until puberty anyways when Johnny fell in love with my mother. She always told me that she never knew about it until he came back in the fall for their junior year. Johnny had grow up over the summer from the awkward, lanky boy that he was into the tall, muscular handsome guy he turned out to be. But, he still walked with a limp and smelled like musk and fire. Mom always told me that it was a really comforting smell. I remember that smell.. it's something I think about in my spare time.. or usually in the forge.
"Johnny started becoming more than a friend to my mother and my mother was falling for him. They dated all the way through mom's college years. When she graduated with a degree in business, she went back to the little town and sold the mechanic's shop and moved to Queens. Johnny and my mom were married for two years until he revealed himself to her as Hephaestus and she came out and said she was pregnant. Johnny said he couldn't stay on Earth any longer and he gave my mom a card for Camp and I guess my mom must've kept it all those years because I still have it.
"My mom was really sad when my dad left. She keeps a bunch of pictures of him around so I can maybe remember him, too. But I don't remember his face. Just his smell. Maybe it's because my mom smells like him? I don't know but.. I love my dad no matter what. I've never even met him, but I knew he was a good man because of the way my mom talks about him."

how long have you called this place home?
"Considering the fact that I'm a summer rounder, I've only been here for about two summers. But, I've had to come back early because of a monster attack. I'm probably going to finish out the rest of my freshman year online and then go back in the fall to a new school."

how's your life been so far?
"Oh, man. I feel like I just answered this question. Ha-ha. So far my life's been pretty good. All of my life I've lived in Queens, New York, New York so I mean, I feel a tad bit of place here on Long Island. But at least I know how to navigate the surrounding area. In Queens I grew up in this crazy apartment builiding with these crazy, lovable people. Upstairs you had Mr. and Mrs. Molinelli. The Missus made the best lasagna, I'm telling you. And below you had the O'Connors. They had the best Superbowl parties. And then the Krupins. They had the best alcohol, or so said my mother. They were also really good at card games. And next to us on the left side was the Mings, who had the best stories to tell me when I was younger, and on the right side were the Harris's. They babysat me for a while because they didn't have children of their own because of some issues. And finally across from our apartment were the craziest people ever. The Rodriguez family. Jeez, they were so loud. There was seven of them, too. They were cool people, but so loud.
"Apart from the insanity, all these people took care of me in their own special ways. We often had these big parties where we'd share baking, gossip, alcohol, latest sports updates, news about our home countries and other things. They were usually a lot of kids at the party seeing as how almost everyone there had children. We'd always rent out a party house so that the kids could have the basement. Most of us were the same age, too. Our ages ranged from like, eleven to fourteen. As we got older and older the basement became a lot more of an older party and weirder things started happening. We all started to develop different feelings for each other too. Like for example, I developed feelings for Liam O'Connor. When we played Spin The Bottle I got to kiss him. It was pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. But, yeah. These parties were pretty cool.
"As far as school went, I think I did better in math and science than reading and english classes. I was never in honors classes, but I did pretty in all of my classes. Even reading and english although some of it was pretty hard. I was about thirteen and it was the last week of school when I was attacked the first time. I was taking a test on a Midsummer's Night Dream in the seventh grade and I was sweating profusely. It was one of those days were it was so hot that sweat gathered on the floors and made them slippery. I was just trying to remember what it was that Puck gave to the sleeping people when my teacher, Ms. Valence, interrupted my thoughts. She called me out and said that we needed to talk out in the hallway. The entire class made that annoying, 'Ooooh,' noise, and I could feel my face heating up even more despite the heat. I guess they weren't too tired to ridicule me.
"'Miss Rush, your grade in my class is hovering between a B and a C. To get a B you need to get an A on this test.' Her eyes were gentle as she spoke to me. She was one of my favorite teachers. She was cool, too.
I nodded. 'Yeah, I know. I just ne-' that's when I heard the crash. I whipped my head around, my gaze searching the halls, finally coming to a rest on a skidding girl, crashing into lockers. Mrs. Valence's normally light gray eyes flashed a dark gray. 'Get behind me, Cassie,' she said, seriousness in her voice. 'But Ms Valence-'
'Don't worry about me, Cassie,' she said, her eyes regarding me with respect. 'Take this, daughter of the forge,' she passed me what looked like a knife, 'and save yourself.' She flicked her head towards the emergency exit doors.
"The rest was a blur, the skidding girl that was crashing into lockers somehow found me alongside the road and we drove to Long Island, where we found the camp with a chimera on our tails. Turns out that the girl's name was Rosie Bush and she was a satyr. She showed me around camp and was my only friend until I finally did make some. And when I did, she had to leave. I was definitely sad to see her go, but we exchange the occasional letter.
"Once I went back home in the fall, I'd be followed by the occasional crackhead and the rare hellhound, but eventually I fought my way back to safety, so that's good."

how do you appear to other people? physically?
"I think I'd rather you do the describing."
Cassie stands at a normal height of five foot five. She's a bit on the more muscular side, though. The Hephaestus in Cassie makes her appear to be muscular and a bit boyish. Her frame is that of a swimmer's frame. She has a large torso with broad shoulders, for a girl, with long arms and small waist. Her chest size is fairly generous being a C cup. Her hands are scarred and rough looking. She's often seen rubbing moisturizer in her hands and never goes anywhere without some Jergens. She has scars and burn marks all over her hands and there's often dirt and paint in her nail-beds. Cassie usually keeps her fingernails short and clean. She doesn't wear nail polish.
Cassie's face is heart-shaped and pretty. She's got this small, pointed, delicate chin with this smile that's got these little dimples. She inherited her grandmother's Irish facial shape. Cassie has fair skin and red hair, so she burns like crazy and often has patches of freckles popping up everywhere but her face. Which she's extremely grateful for. She has a small sprinkling of freckles across her nose, though. Like cinnamon on cream as her mother's described it. She's got an average shaped nose, a small one that kind of slopes out at the end like a ski slope, but not too terrible.
Sitting on both sides of her nose are her eyes. Cassie has very peculiar eyes indeed. Her eyes are three different colors. One of her eyes is a pure green color while the other is half blue and half-green. It's literally split in half. Because of her awkward eye color, Cassie doesn't like to play with eye makeup. She only really wears eye makeup on special occasions and when she does they're neutral colors like browns and tans. Above her eyes are light, almost red blonde eyebrows. They're naturally rather bushy so she spends her time plucking them so they won't go all bushman on her. She finds this very funny, her eyebrows. If she's not careful they'll meet in the center. Despite her brow and hair color, Cassie has dark eyelashes. They aren't exactly long and exciting but, they're perfect for her.
Cassie's hair is literally flaming red. Despite the picture that she chose to use to represent herself, she does have naturally red hair. The picture she chose to use for this interview was one where she had dyed her hair a wash-out color for the particularly picture. Because her friend had asked her to do so. She usually leaves her hair in its natural state: wavy and long. Her hair falls down to about the middle of her back, but she generally braids it out of the way. Her braid usually pinned up on top of her head usually inside of her welding helmet or whatever protective gear she used in the armory.
Cassie doesn't like to dress in a flamboyant style. She often wears her white Camp shirt with a pair of jeans and a beat up pair of Converse. Cassie likes light colored clothing because it reflects heat and light instead of absorbing it like dark colors do.

how do you appear to other people? mentally speaking, of course?
"I think, ditto to what I said up there."
Like most of her brothers and sisters, Cassie's on the quieter side. Usually afraid to speak her mind and keeping to herself in social situations. She's not sure how to handle boys. She's not even sure if she likes boys either. Cassie's in that awkward state of mind where she overthinks everything beyond belief. She often overlooks simple things because she's trying to figure out details. That's where the 'I'm not sure if I even like boys! Although, I've never been interested in girls before. So I don't see why I could be now.. but what if...?' She's an Athena thinker. She overthinks everything. Even the facts. She's had one best all of her entire life, too. His name is Raleigh.
Cassie's terrible at reading people and people's emotions. She's not too much of a people person. She's more of a machine person, like her father, she prefers mechanics over biology. Which means she's not very devoted to humanity. In a war between humans and robots, she says, she'd probably pick the robots. Cassie's also not good at making friends. "Friends aren't like weapons, you know.." However, she is devoted to Raleigh. She's very loyal to him and his friends, too.
Cassie's always had a wierd bit of humor. It's rather dry and sarcastic, her friends become a bit confused by it sometimes. But she does often use sarcasm.
Cassie's got an impeccable memory. While it's not photographic, it's still fairly great. She remembers lots of things from her childhood like smells, tastes, and sounds. But that's about it. She does remember incidents and events... which in turn, leads us to her fatal flaw.
(gah, I hate personalities)

what's your poison? not your favorite drink, rather your biggest issue. your capital sin if you will?
"Well, I think I'd have to say my fatal flaw would be holding grudges. It's not my fault! They deserve whatever karma gives them."

any animals that have claimed you as their master? perhaps a cat that's your master?
"Oh, yeah. I have this little weasel. Well, he's actually a ferret, he gets testy when I call him a weasel. His name is Ron, after Ron Weasley. See what I did there?"

a weapon isn't good or bad; it just depends on the person who uses it.
"While I like hammers and crowbars, I did take a liking to archery. That way I don't have to get too close the guy who's trying to stab me in the face. I tend to do things like that. I personally like to sit in the trees and shoot enemies down. Unlike the other demigods who have ADHD to the max, I don't. I can sit still in the middle of battle. I don't often get those stupid pre-battle jitters like some of my fellow demigods do."

everyone's got a talent. what's your's?
"Oh, man. I don't really have a talent.. I mean, I can withstand heat better than a lot of demigods and stuff, but... I wouldn't really call that a talent. Would I? Heat Tolerance? I also have a bit of a tolerance for hot foods like jalapenos."

do you prefer the summer or the entire year?
"I prefer the summer."

lama gama.
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PostSubject: Re: Cassie Rush   3/24/2012, 5:34 pm

o.O Your format is amazing. I lurve it. xDD Approveded

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Cassie Rush
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