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 Running through the trees

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PostSubject: Running through the trees   3/8/2012, 2:47 pm

I walk in the forest. There are thousands of trees surrounding me and the other animals in the forest. If I had been at home, in Arizona, this would be a National Park. But, I am in the forests of Camp Half-Blood. Noone else seemed to be of Roman descent, at least none that I had seen anyway. My legs begin to move of their own accord. Beside me, deer and wild horses ran. Next to my feet, ran wolf pups. It was almost like they knew who I was born from. Lupercus, lord of the wolves, god of the Roman founders. He was my father, and he had watched over Romulus and Remus. Now I had weapons named after the two Roman founders. I run back out of the trees. It was something new for me to do.
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Running through the trees
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