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 3rd Character

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PostSubject: 3rd Character   3/5/2012, 7:46 pm

Ruth Mary Valentine

      Ruthie is sixteen years of age is March. However, she was born in 1918.
      Physical Appearance:
      Standing at the taller height of five foot six inches, Ruthie's a bit bigger than most of the Aphrodite girls. She has broader shoulders than the other girls and a bigger waist. Born in the teens of the 1900's, Ruthie was very tall for her age. The other girls usually only came up to her shoulder. She was the same height, almost, as her father. Ruthie has medium sized breasts. Her arms and her legs are relatively unstrong due to lack of physical exercise.
      Ruthie's skin is a creamy ivory color. She has very fair skin and burns extremely easily. She often doesn't go out into the sun, but she has very few blemishes on her face. She has a few freckles here and there on her face but avoids the sun because of this reason.
      Ruthie has a very pretty heart shaped face with a cute little chin. Her nose is on the smaller side and her cheekbones are fairly normal. On either side of her nose are soft purple eyes. They aren't screaming purple eyes like Dionysus's children but a soft purple-violet hue. Her eyes are a tad like Elizabeth Taylor's even though Ruthie doesn't know who this is. They are framed by a set of dark, thick eyelashes. Ruthie loves to wear eye makeup. Because she was born in a time where makeup wasn't used very much and it the colors weren't as abundant as they are now, she loves it. She loves mascara and often makes her eyelashes ridiculously longer and she enjoys eyeshadow. However, Ruthie doesn't care so much for eyeliner. She can't play around with it as much. There's only so much she can do with it, so she says.
      Ruthie's hair is an original blonde-brown color, but after she discovered hair dye in a box, she dyed it right away. It's now a dark reddish color along with the color of her eyebrows. It falls to the middle of her back in thick waves.
      Her style is very in and current and Ruthie likes to keep up with the styles of today. As soon as she got to camp she instantly realized that she was way out of date. So borrowing a few magazines, she began to read up on the styles. Of course it took her forever to develop a style but she now has a very girlie style consisting of dresses, pink, and lace.

      Loud and proud, this daughter of Aphrodite loves attention. She loves to be the center of attention all of the time. When people start to ignore her, she'll become all sad and practically demand the attention. Being raised as the only child of a rich father she can't help it.
      Ruthie is slightly materialistic being a daughter of Aphrodite. Her father always bought her dresses and dolls and toys galore. Ruthie always had some kind of something to keep her busy, almost like busy work. Now she still loves material objects. Ruthie loves to shop, being a daughter of Aphrodite she was born with great style. Ruthie's also a total girl. She loves frillies and lace and pink and everything girlie. Though, she was raised in a time where women were looked at and not heard. Ruthie's fine with this philosophy.
      Not always grounded, Ruthie can be a tad air-headed. It's the Aphrodite in her, she can hardly focus on more than one thing at once and what she's been told to do can often go in one ear and out the other. Being the daughter of Aphrodite, Ruthie's compassionate, caring, cheerful, a good friend, and a die-hard romantic. Since she was never born in the area that most of the other girl demigods lived in, Ruthie never feels down on herself. She's always had a rather high self-esteem and sees herself as rather pretty.
      And being pretty can sometimes be bad. Ruthie's vain. She's not narcissistic but she is vain. She adores herself a bit too much sometimes and this can occasionally lead to her hubris or pride. She's always felt like that sometimes the gods don't know what they're doing up there and that they need help running Olympus. Which is her fatal flaws, Hubris, Vanity, and a tad bit of Envy. She does always want more that what she already has and if she sees someone with something she wants she'll become kind of jealous of that person.

      God Parent:
      Mortal Family:
      Father, George Valentine: George Valentine was born to a very poor mother and father in the tenements of New York city in the mid 1800's. He had six brothers and sisters and he was the middle child. As he got older he became more and more ignored. Finally at the age of sixteen, George up and left. He packed a small bag and became a shoe-shiner on the street. Never spending a penny, the frugal man saved up for business school. At the age of twenty-five, he had a degree and a successful job on Wall Street. Sure, this took up all of his time, but he was also a distant descendant of Athena so he he fairly smart. When George was twenty-six, he met Aphrodite. Aphrodite became his obsession. He couldn't think of anything other than his "Rosie". When Rosie became pregnant, George was thrilled. Of course, she left him as soon as she gave birth. George's heart was absolutely broken and he would never be able to love again. By the time his daughter was fourteen, it was 1929 and the stock market crashed.
      She doesn't have any demigod talents. Though, Ruthie loves to play match-maker and sees the potential in couples.
      She has a large, dark gray tomcat with light green eyes named Blizzard.
      Ruthie doesn't like to fight, however she does have a ceremonial dagger that she keeps gleaming. She's hardly ever fought with it. She doesn't like to get dirty.
      See above in Powers.
      Born to a rich father in 1918, Ruthie had a very good life. Her father was a sweet, kind man who had so much love for his daughter that sometimes he could barely contain it. Ruthie grew up in a nice house in upper Manhattan, which at the time had actually had houses, where she went to school as well. Her life was great up until she turned fourteen.
      The year was 1929 and her father was becoming very worried about stocks, he'd been saying how lately they'd been unnaturally high, so he'd begun to sell them as fast as he could. Being an extremely successful businessman, he knew what was coming and it'd be big. George had also withdrew almost all of his money from the bank and began putting it into shoe boxes and hiding them in the closet. Ruthie was told to never touch them. It was in mid-fall that the stock market crashed. George watched his friends lose almost all they had. George lost some money as well, but not as much as anyone else. Ruthie's friends had all moved away and by the time it was late November, Ruthie's school had closed down. Ruthie was so lonely that her father knew of only one place he could take her.
      George, knowing about Aphrodite, contacted a satyr. George told the satyr to take Ruthie to Las Vegas, where there was a casino. George only knew about the casino from what he'd heard. He'd heard that it was like a fountain of youth. That it'd freeze you in time and keep you young until you got out. When Ruthie turned fifteen, George took her there.
      Before George dropped Ruthie off he placed a small necklace around her neck of a dove. It was a beautiful dove made from pearls and diamonds. But small. Ruthie loved it anyways. Her father let a doorman lead her into the hotel and he left his little girl behind. He knew that she wouldn't be coming back, he knew that she would probably never see him again, but he loved his daughter more than anything and if that meant giving her up then so be it. It was the hardest thing he'd ever had to do.
      Eventually, the economy straightened out and George was old in 1941. When he finally died of old age in 1981, he still hadn't seen his daughter.
      Eventually, a satyr went to the casino to look for demigods and he found three. Ruthie, Flower, and Doug. Flower was from the 60's and Doug was from the 90's. Ruthie was the oldest. From the Roarin' 20's. Because Flower was only a daughter of Demeter and Doug was a son of Hephaestus they didn't get too much trouble as they crossed the land, although, Ruthie was in shock half of the way there. She didn't understand much of what was going on. But, over the trip she did understand why the women looked like men in their pants and shirts.
      The satyr had explained everything and offered to buy her new clothes and Ruthie accepted. Naturally having the sense of what was in fashion she chose a dress and new pair of shoes. Ruthie kept her hair in a braid though.
      Soon afterwords, they made it to camp without another interruption. Ruthie's been there ever since.

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3rd Character
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