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 Dylan Quinn(the twin of Shannie's new character)

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PostSubject: Dylan Quinn(the twin of Shannie's new character)   3/3/2012, 11:00 am

Character Name: Dylan Quinn

Gender: M

Age: 16


God and mortal parent: Hermes and Melody Quinn

Powers**: None

Flaws: Loyatly to friends, Pride, and Unpredictable

Pets: N/A

Weapon: He carries a 2 Cb Daggers, and a CB sword, a CB Spear, and a Bow and Cb Tipped Arrows

Talents/Skills: N/A

RP Example*: Dyaln woke up and looked around. He got out of bed and stretched out his stiff joints and then got dressed. He put on his fingerless gloves and starts punching and kicking a training dummy he set up in his cabin. Eventually he grabbed his sword and practiced it with it and the sheathed it and also sheathed his CB daggers and put on his quiver of arrows which sit in just the right position to cover the sheath on his back for sword. He shrugged a bit and then left the cabin preapring to go to the arena to find a sparring partner or something to do

Biography*: Dylan and his twin sister Ilia were born about 5 minutes apart from each other, but ever since they were born that distance has just kept getting longer and longer. In a year they were serperated and put in different foster homes, and Dylan cant remember much of anything about Ilia. About two years later at age three he was adopted and taken in by a foster father who raised him to be a great fighter and weapons master. By the age of 10 Dylan could hold his own in a fight with just about anything but preferded the sword, daggers, spear, and box and arrows above the rest. Not long after that at age 14 his foster father told him that it was time for him to journey to his true home and that he would know the way. After two years of travel he found himself at some cliffs two states away from New York.

Notes: N/A

Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
15 slots open

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PostSubject: Re: Dylan Quinn(the twin of Shannie's new character)   3/3/2012, 5:51 pm

This form is excellent...approved
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Dylan Quinn(the twin of Shannie's new character)
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