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 Rapunzel, daughter of Apollo

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PostSubject: Rapunzel, daughter of Apollo   3/2/2012, 9:41 pm

"I want something that I want, something that I tell myself I need. Something that I want, and I need everything I see."

    Rapunzel is a female.

    Rapunzel is eighteen years of age, although she acts a lot younger than eighteen.

    Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required):
    Rapunzel has very, very long golden hair. Her hair isn't just long like, "Oh my her hair goes past her waist," her hair is long like, "Holly s*** that's a lot of hair! The only way her hair could be that long is if it was never cut." For some reason, it never seems to collect dust or sticks or anything, and it never appears to be tangled. A lot of the time she'll wear it in a very large braid with flowers in it so people don't step on it, although she enjoys wearing it down because, over the years, she's mastered the art of controlling her hair to her will, so she can use it to grab thing, open closets, wrap around things so she can swing across a gap to get over to the other side, or fling it to someone so she can get them across a gap.
    Rapunzel's eyes are a very striking green color, almost fluorescent. Her eyes are probably the second most eye catching thing about her, (the first being her long hair, obviously.) Her eyes have a youthful and innocent look to them from never having to go through anything bad, due to living in a tower her entire life and only leaving once. They always have a humorous gleam in them, like she's about to tell a hilarious joke or pull the best prank in the world, except that it would be a prank that everyone would just laugh at, even the person being pranked.
    Rapunzel stands at an average height of five feet and six inches, with just about no height added on from shoes because she always wears purple silk slippers that match her dress. If she's not wearing her slippers, she won't have any shoes on. her height is actually one of the only normal things about Rapunzel's appearance. She's also quite slender for someone who stays indoors all day, but she still does have a variety of things she does inside of her tower, and the same goes for the tan shade of her skin. To Rapunzel the color of her skin isn't that odd, seeing as her only source of light was the sun. She had skylights without glass in them that could be opened and closed and a large window that she usually kept open.
    Rapunzel owns several dresses, but they all look the same. They're purple with short sleeves, and they go down to right above her ankle. She also owns several pairs of matching purple silk slippers that match her dress.

    God and mortal parent:
    Rapunzel's father is Apollo, although she has another dad, but she's never met him. Her mother was a lady who went by the name of Mother Gothel, who kidnapped Rapunzel when she was only hours old upon hearing of her odd golden hair, while both of the people assumed to be her parents had brown hair. (Assumed because her birth father was Apollo.) When Mother Gothel heard about this, she assumed that her hair would have some magical power. In the dead of night, Mother Gothel snuck into the castle and sang a song her mother would sing to her whenever she got hurt. Sure enough, Rapunzel's hair glowed, and Gothel saw the wrinkles in her hand going away, but when she cut the child's hair, the power faded and the hair turned brown, losing its power. Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel and raised her as her own daughter, never telling her about her birth mother and the man who everyone was sure was her father. The two people who were to raise her had Mother Gothel not kidnapped her would have been the king and queen from the palace that was so close to where she lived, yet so far away at the same time.

    Rapunzel's power is that she can heal people with her hair. It used to be that she could even make people younger, but when she emerged from the Lotus Hotel thousands of years after she stepped in, the gods had started monitoring powers and not giving their children such strong powers as before. When Apollo realized that she was still alive, he took away her ability to make the old young again. In order for her power to work, she has to wrap her hair around wherever the wound it and sing a certain song ("Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine. Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been lost, change the fates design. Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine, what once was mine." The second verse is optional, but sometimes she will sing it because it sounds awesome.) Once she sings the song, her hair will start glowing until it reaches the part that is wrapped around the wound. Once it gets to that part, the wound will heal. She can only heal flesh wounds, so no broken bones. If the wound is something that would have been fatal, she can't heal it (unless it would have been fatal because of blood loss, in which case she can heal it. If it's fatal because the wound hits any vital organs, then she can heal it). She can't heal the sick, either. She can heal burns. Rapunzel can use her powers about twenty times a day, and she needs to sit down after healing a wound.

    Personality description (flaws, talents and skills, overall personality, etc):
    Flaws: Rapunzel is easily frightened, due to her never leaving her tower. if she hears a rustling in the bushes, she'll assume that it's something that's going to try to harm her. Tying into being easily frightened, she can be very jumpy. Just the slightest sound can cause her to cling onto the nearest object like it's the only thing that keeps her alive. She can be very gullible at times, and sometimes she's over trusting.
    Talents: Rapunzel is good at singing and playing guitar, naturally. She can also dance very well for someone who's never taken a single lesson. She's a good chef-slash-baker, and she can also sew and draw awfully well. Another one of her talents is that she can use her hair as a lasso and wrap it around things. She can use her hair to pull levers, open doors, even as a swing.
    Personality: Rapunzel has an overall nice personality, if not a little too trusting and childish. She's a very helpful person by nature, a trait she inherited from her birth mother, even though she can't remember her. She sometimes doesn't trust people because Mother Gothel told her that they would try and deceive her, but it's easy to get past that and to get her to be nice and friendly. It can be said that she's a very secretive person, although more in the sense that she's good at keeping secrets. if she's doing something she doesn't want you to know about, she won't tell you what she was doing, no matter how much you plead.

    Rapunzel has a chameleon named Pascal. When Rapunzel lived in her tower, Pascal was the only living being she would talk to, other than Mother Gothel. He has very big eyes that bug out of his head, and he also acts very human like. Rapunzel's taught him to play games like chess and hide n' go seek with her, to wear tiny dresses that she makes when she gets bored, have tea parties with her, and just basically play with her.

    Rapunzel is very good with a bow and arrows, as all Apollo children are, but she prefers to use her frying pan.

    RP Example*:
    It was about noon when Mother Gothel would call for Rapunzel to let her hair down. Every day at noon she appeared without fail, unless she had to go somewhere. If she did, she would always tell Rapunzel, because, as sad as it was, Mother Gothel was her only friend and visitor, not counting Pascal, who was a chameleon and therefore didn't count. And every day without fail, Rapunzel would manage to pull Mother Gothel up from the ground and into the high tower, just by using her hair.
    "Hello, mother," the teen said to her mother, who looked nothing of her age. Rapunzel wasn't even sure how old her mother was, but she did know that her mother needed Rapunzel to use the magical properties that her hair possessed to stay this young.
    "Oh, Rapunzel!" Gother cried, pulling her daughter into a tight hug. "I've missed you so much!"
    "I've missed you, too, Mother," Rapunzel said, a large smile grazing her face. She knew that Mother only made a big deal of showing how much she missed Rapunzel because she didn't want her to feel down about living alone, but Rapunzel can't help but love the feeling that her mother missed her so much.
    "I swear, each day you become more and more beautiful," Mother Gothel said to her daughter, pulling away from the hug just enough to look at her daughter.
    A blush spread across Rapunzel's face and she said, "Oh, Mother, stop exaggerating!"
    Mother Gothel laughed and pinched Rapunzel's cheek, an annoying habit that she still had. "Rapunzel, Mother's feeling a bit tired. Would you sing for me?"
    "Of course I will, Mother," Rapunzel said as she went to go get the chair her mother always liked to sit in, then a chair for herself, and a brush. Her mother sat down in the chair and Rapunzel sat down in hers, which was placed in front of her mother's. She hands her mother the brush, and her mother starts to brush Rapunzel's hair, even though Rapunzel already brushed it.
    "Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine. Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine," Rapunzel sang, and she could feel the odd, tingling sensation that she got whenever she would do this. "Make the clock reverse, change the fates design. Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine, what once was mine."
    When Rapunzel finishes the song, her mother stops brushing her hair. When Rapunzel turns around in her chair, she's greeted with the sight of her mother's face, which now looked much younger than before. It used to always shock her, seeing her mother turn from old to young, but now she was used to it.

    Rapunzel was born as a princess, although nobody knew that she was a daughter of Apollo. She would have had a luxurious life, filled with galas, fancy dresses, expensive jewels, and men lining up to take her hand in marriage, but that was all stolen from her when an old woman named Mother Gothel kidnapped her. Mother Gothel was not ready to admit that she was old and going to die soon, so when she heard of the queen of the kingdom she lived in giving birth to a healthy, baby girl with golden hair while both she and her husband had brown hair, she jumped to the conclusion that their daughter, Rapunzel, must have some sort of power that caused her hair to be gold. In the middle of the night, she snuck into the castle and stole the child, raising her as her own.
    Gothel was correct about the power, and it ended up being her saving grace. By singing a song, the child's hair would glow and cause her to become young again, which saved her from having to face the fact that she was old.
    In order to keep Rapunzel as hers, she hid her in a tower that was hidden in the forest, a place where no one would find her. Rapunzel would spend all of her time in this tower, playing with her only friend, a chameleon by the name of Pascal. Once Rapunzel's hair became long enough, Gothel stopped living in the tower, but she still had frequent visits. In order to get up the tower, she put a hook in the window that Rapunzel would put her hair in, then let it drop to the bottom of the tower. Gothel would the make a loop out of the hair to put her foot in and Rapunzel would pull her up to the top of the tower.
    While Rapunzel never left her tower, that didn't mean she didn't want to. Every year on Rapunzel's birthday, the king and queen would release lanterns into the sky to mourn the loss of their daughter. On her birthday when she was younger and couldn't sleep, Rapunzel went to her window where she saw the lanterns for the first time. Every year on her birthday she looks out the window to see the lanterns, and she's been longing to see the lanterns every year since.
    On the year that Rapunzel was going to turn eighteen, she asked her mother if she could see the lanterns, or the floating lights as she called them. Mother Gothel assumed she was talking about the stars, but when Rapunzel pressed her, she got angry and yelled at her, telling her that she would never leave the tower. Rapunzel lied and said that she wanted something else for her birthday, something that would require a three day trip.
    Little did Rapunzel know, Flynn Rider was being chased by the palace guards for stealing her crown. He ended up at her tower, and he climbed up it. Before he could do anything Rapunzel knocked him out with her frying pan.
    When Flynn woke up, Rapunzel made him a deal. He would get his satchel with her crown in it back only if he took her to see the floating lights and returned her safely back to her tower.
    Flynn agreed, but they didn't make it back to Rapunzel's tower. They had gotten stuck in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, as it's called today, which was called The Lotus Inn back then. (AKA my version of the Snuggly Duckling. Deal with it.) They got trapped there as so many other heroes do.
    Eventually, after what felt like only a couple of weeks, although Rapunzel didn't care, she started to feel like something was odd. She noticed how the place seemed so different and how so many new things had been added, and she decided to leave. When she tried to get Flynn to come with her, he refused, but Rapunzel still left anyways.
    When she got outside, everything was a shock to her. It all looked so different, and she was scared. For whatever reason, there happened to be a satyr. He could tell that Rapunzel was a demigod by her scent and immediately took her with him. Judging by how odd she looked, he guessed what happened and told her about the gods, how the Lotus Hotel trapped people, and how everything changed, and then he took her to Camp Half Blood.

    I'm making it as if she never did get to the city to see the floating lights, and yes, she is based off of the character from the movie Tangled. Her quote is from Something That I Want by Grace Potter (song played in ending credits)
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PostSubject: Re: Rapunzel, daughter of Apollo   3/3/2012, 12:23 am


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Rapunzel, daughter of Apollo
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