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 Woahhhh Return of Another Old Charrie!

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PostSubject: Woahhhh Return of Another Old Charrie!   2/24/2012, 5:32 am

Character Name:Shawn Richarrn

God and mortal parent:He is the son of Deimos, Greek god of terror, and Tracy Richarrn
Powers:As the soon of Deimos he has the ability to conjure up an image of terror towards a large crowd. Unlike a Phobos kid, the image is not one's personal phobia, but more of an image of public horror, such as say a giant monster, a sea monster (as shown in The Demi-God Files), a giant fire, a building blowing up, stuff like that. Shawn usually uses this as a distraction trick, but barely uses it anyways. He can use this power five times a day, the image lasts about seven minutes, and after he uses his power he gets very tired and light-headed, one of the reasons he doesn't like using his power.
Flaws:Shawn is very over-protective of his younger half-brother Felix Richarrn, or at least he used to, he tends to hold grudges against people and usually does it out of habit, and finally he has a very bad fear of fire.
Weapon:Shawn owns a celestial bronze katana which can transform into a hickory wood cane that has obsidian designings on it.
Talents/Skills:He can play the guitar and has taken a few sketching classes so he can sketch at a amateur level.
RP Example:I walked out of Chile's after my night-shift was over. It was a good night for me as I had gotten a decent wad of cash from all the tips I had received, thanks to my polite and positive behavior of course. I was walking down the street when I felt a pain in my right leg, it wasn't a shock, ever since that accident a year or so ago I've had a bad pain in my right leg which resulted with an on and off limp. So I simply pulled out my hickory wood cane with the obsidian spirals looping around it. I grabbed hold of it with my right hand and continued walking, the limp non-existent now because of the cane. I got a few weird looks from the more older people, I couldn't blame them, a 19 year-old walking with a cane, that was pretty weird. I stopped for a moment as a thought had entered my head. It was of my younger brother Felix...a feeling of guilt was coming with it. I had always felt guilty of just leaving him alone at Camp Half-Blood three years ago. The little 13 year-old could barely go out of the cabin without me nearby. It always guilted me every day since I left, the worst part of it was...I had no clue why I left in the first place. I just left the camp for no reason and left Felix on his own...and I feel so bad for. But I straightened myself up and thought positively about it, I mean hey the kid is 16. He's probably doing just fine by himself, hey maybe he's even popped out of his shell and talked to a girl. The thought of that made a small smile tug at the corners of my mouth and I continued walking down the street.
Biography:Shawn Richarrn was born in Denver, Colorado on November 5th, 1992. He was raised by his single mother Tracy, his father had left her before she had given birth to him. When Shawn was three, his mother and him moved to Springfield, Illinois. There his mother started going out with a man who, as he had overheard in a conversation, was his biological father's brother. About a year later Tracy gave birth to Shawn's little half-brother, Felix Richarrn. Shawn was very open to having to share his mother's love and loved Felix just as much. Felix's father lived them for about half a year before leaving them just like Shawn's dad did. Eventually when Shawn was 14 and Felix was 11, their mom and them moved to New York City. They lived a decent life here before one day, when Shawn was 16, a monster had attempted to kill him and Felix. But a boy had killed the beast and saved their lives, he was a demi-god and he quickly took them to Camp Half-Blood. Shawn was claimed as a son of Deimos and Felix was claimed as a son of Phobos.
A few months after they had entered camp Shawn left the camp, leaving Felix to fend for himself. It still annoys Shawn to this day why he just got up and left his brother there at camp to fend for himself. Since then he moved back in his mother, finished high school, and moved out after that. He took a semester of art school and took up a job at Chile's too. One day he was caught in the middle of a bad car accident that didn't give him any serious damage, but left him with a partial limp in his right leg.
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PostSubject: Re: Woahhhh Return of Another Old Charrie!   2/24/2012, 9:26 am


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Woahhhh Return of Another Old Charrie!
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