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 Remaking Mandie! Whoo-hoo!

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The Plastics

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PostSubject: Remaking Mandie! Whoo-hoo!    2/18/2012, 3:19 am

Character Name: Mandie Pictureframe

Gender: Female

Age: 18.


God and mortal parent: Koalemos and unknown

Powers**: Make jokes happen out of no where. Can do it anytime she wants. Ex: say someone went to open a can, random stuff came out. Random joking gibberish. About 15 times a day. Ex: make someone start rambling on about a stupid joke. Make a person feel completely and utterly stupid and dimwitted for like, 10 minutes and they can resist it. sometimes.

Flaws: suicidal, temperamental, extreme mood swings, bi-polar, really self conscience about her scars and her appearance, anorexic, powers tire her out

Pets: None.

Weapon: Mtn Dew can that automatically hits people in the head when she throws it, no matter what. It just hurts really badly. Doesn't knock them out or anything unless the person wants to be knocked out. A sword that when she presses her cartilage ear piercing it pops into a CB sword and when she taps the butt of the sword on her knee, it turns back into her cartilage piercing.

Talents/Skills: Yeah, we don't talk about that..O.o

RP Example*:
I smiled as Krasi kissed my cheek. I giggled for a few moments as he looked me in the eyes. From his expressions I could see how much he loved me just from the gleams of purple that went through him. "I love you," I whispered. He smiled right at me. "I love you too" he whispered back at me.

Biography*: When Mandie was three years old, her and her 'sister' had witnessed their mother kill herself. She hung herself in her bedroom while the two girls watched from the cracks in the door. Then, their step father who drank a lot came in. He blamed them. He grabbed them both by the necks of their shirts and dragged them down the hall way throwing them into their room, literally.

After about four months, they were four. Mandie's sister started to get some problems.

She would cry almost ALL the time. She would barely come out of her room, she barely ate and became deathly skinny. Mandie was so confused, this just wasn't how her sister acted. She loved her, and seeing her like this bothered her. Then, their step father got mad and sent Mandie's sister off to some school. That's when things started to get even worse.

When Mandie was almost five, everything seemed so much harder. She didn't eat because, she couldn't. Her father wouldn't feed her. He wouldn't buy food, only beer. When he asked Mandie to do him a 'favor,' Mandie became angry with him, she went in the bathroom and tried to mock what her mother had done.

Mandie stepped onto the chair, the rope was ready. She was so close to putting her head in the loop. She had tears streaming down her cheeks, but it didn't matter. Right before she jumped off the chair, her father jumped into the room.

After that incident, Mandie was sent to Pilgrim. At six years old it was odd for a child of the age to be sent to a place like this. But Mandie met this purple streaked/black haired girl named Kesi.

Kesi and Mandie became the best of friends. They did everything together. When the two of them learned they were both half bloods they were really excited. But, every time Kesi was sent back to Pilgrim because she was stupid, Mandie had always had to trail along.

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Draconic Overlord

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PostSubject: Re: Remaking Mandie! Whoo-hoo!    2/18/2012, 5:51 am

Well. The first part of it was confusing as the entirety of Blazzee's form... but thankfully, your RP example and biography made sense. Whew.



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Remaking Mandie! Whoo-hoo!
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