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 New character of my own

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PostSubject: New character of my own   2/15/2012, 2:22 pm

NAME: Chazz Fremont


AGE: 13

DESCRIPTION: Chazz is a rather small but strong kid for his age. With only the height of 5 feet and 2 inches, he is considered a freak since he has also got the muscular build of a wrestler. His shoulder and biceps are big enough to look like he has lifted weights for all his life but the babyish face covered with a messy brown hair that hangs in his eyes makes him look strange. His golden yellow eyes shine bright no matter what the area. Hiw attire is alway a cutoff brown shirt and thick blue jeans covered by Celestial Bronze armor that he made himself to look like a Roman Centurion's style of armor.

GOD and MORTAL PARENTS: His father is the Great Hephaestus, despite his love for Roman history, and his mother is unknown for the death in child birth.

PETS: He has a large Mountain Eagle named Scout

FLAWS: Chazz believes he is perfect and has no flaws but in all actuallity this is false. [1] He cannot ever think of anyone besides himself which often leads to his fellow warriors being left behind. [2] His lack of realization has made him think he is Superman, but better, which has caused him much pain and [3] Chazz has always been a major flirt but can never read the subtle hints that people give him.

WEAPONS: For a weapon, Chazz has com to like the feel of a chain being wrapped on his shoulders, even though you can't kill with a chain. For death blows, Chazz has always carried a long, thin-bladed dagger made of Celestial Bronze.

BIOGRAPHY: Chazz grew up in a remote area of SoCal, Southern California. His home was blown to bits by a Spec Ops team who came from D.C. looking for a 'terrorist' named Chazz, coincedentally on his 12th birthday. After leading the military astray, Chazz took off for a safe refuge. While running Chazz forged the armor and weapons, as well as trained in the ways of the Romans. Chazz finally found CHB just as his enemies attacked him from behind. If it wasn't for a camper passing by, Chazz would have died.

RP EXAMPLE: "There he is men." the soldier shouted from behind me. I turned to take out this threat for the last time. Since my powers had yet to emerge, all I had was my wits and strength. As the snipers targeted on to me, a blaze arose from my hand and engulfed me. The strange thing was that I wasn't burning. Heck, I couldn't even feel the heat. "What the...Take him out now." the leader shouted. Bullets started flying at me. I turned and ran as one lead round hit my calf midway up.

POWERS: He can use fire as a defense but not offensively. The problem is that he can't fully control it, the fire springs forward to protect him of its own accord. He passes out if this happens for too long or too often. [five times max per day. Three minutes max each time.]
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PostSubject: Re: New character of my own   2/15/2012, 6:25 pm

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New character of my own
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