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 Stellan Son of Melione

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PostSubject: Stellan Son of Melione   2/11/2012, 4:18 pm

Character Name: Stellan Murdock

Gender: M

Age: 16


God and mortal parent: Melione and John Murdock

Powers**: He can shadow travel 20 times a day for a distance between Long Island to Rhode Island.

Flaws: Stellan is the exact opposite of his sister. He's humorless. Always has a serious attitude. Cold hearted. Never does anything fun and if he does then he kills the mood. Pretty much he is the death of any party. (His smile in the photo is an Ironic mistake that somehow Stella took xD)

Pets: N/A

Weapon: He carries a bow and and quiver of Cb and Stygian Iron arrows. He also carries two stygian iron dagger and a Cb sword.

Talents/Skills: Fighting and being a party killer.

RP Example*: Stellan woke up and found himself for some reason tied up to a tree in the forest. "What the hell?"He said to himself as he looked around to try and figure out what was going on. He suddenly froze, he had been spotted. A cyclopse came up to him and realesed him from his binding. The beast crushed Stellan in its grip as it took him to a large cauldron. "Oh you have got to be kidding me."Stellan muttered hoping Stella or someone would pop and say some stupid remark. No such luck though. He was being stired in the big pot of water. He felt around until he found his two daggers and quickly got there attention. "Hey one eye let me out of this damn thing."Stellan said and then started making random gestures that only his sister could pull off to get someone mad. "God's I'm gonna have to say sorry to Stella later for this."He muttered as they thrashed around and knocked the pot over. Quickly he located his sword, bow, and quiver of arrows. He shadow traveled over to them and quickly fired a bolt at each of the three beast turning them to dust instantly. He then sighed and shadow traveled away.

Biography*: Stellan is the younger twin of the two children born to the goddess Melione and the mortal John Murdock in Seattle, Washington. His older sister is Stella and was born 1 minute and 27 seconds before him. Stellan and Stella's father John before having children was a man that was very carefree but when his two kids came along he became a distant hard working man that just tried to keep the three of them together since Melione couldn't stay with them. Because of this Stella and Stellan raised each other in a way. It was when they turned ten that they noticed just how different they were even though they were twins. Where Stella was a fun-loving, carefree spirit, that had tons of sarcasm and other things along that line, Stellan had a dark, humorless, cold hearted spirt that couldn't find the fun in anything. When the two turned 14 they started gettting attacked by strang things and at the most random of times. They moved from Seattle shortly asfter the attacks started and made a home in New York. However the next year at 15 the attacks came more frequently and John decided that it was time for his children to go to CHB. He contacted a satyr and shortly afterwards Stella and Stellan made way to CHB. They have now been staying there for a year.

Notes: He is a brother to a Carina's Charrie Stella. Their names are so similar cause according to John, Melione wasnt a very creative namer. Who knew? xD

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PostSubject: Re: Stellan Son of Melione   2/11/2012, 7:52 pm


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Stellan Son of Melione
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