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 Johnny Edmunds

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PostSubject: Johnny Edmunds   2/6/2012, 10:17 pm

Character Name:Johnny Edmunds
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required):John is very muscular. He is also pretty tall, at 6'1''. He is white, and has a bit of a tan. He has brown hair and blue eyes.
God and mortal parent:Hermes, Christina Stewart-Edmunds, Joe Edmunds
Flaws:Hubris, loyalty, scared of the dark
Weapon:Celestial Bronze daggers
Talents/Skills:Pickpocketing, sneaking, can invent some stuff, stealth, can speed-read
RP Example*:I walk into the restaurant. Stupid birds. They just had to poop on my jacket. I sigh, before ordering a foot long sandwich. Once it's done cooking, I eat it and leave.
Biography*:John was born to Christina Stewart on December 1, 1997. Shortly after his birth, Christina remarried to Joe Edmunds, a middle-class construction worker. Joe traveled a lot for his work, so Christina opened a daycare to help earn more money and take care of John at the same time. His childhood years were... strange. When he was left alone, he could easily steal someone's money or car keys without anybody knowing. That proved to be a mistake when his principal caught him stealing his phone, and he turned into a monster. He narrowly survived with the help of a satyr. The mist manipulated other's minds to seem as if he assaulted him, so John was subsequently sent to camp.
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PostSubject: Re: Johnny Edmunds   2/6/2012, 10:20 pm


Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
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Johnny Edmunds
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