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 Aubrianna Scott, daughter of Hestia!!!

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PostSubject: Aubrianna Scott, daughter of Hestia!!!   2/1/2012, 8:18 pm

I haven't made a charrie in a while... So I went for it! I like her (:

Character Name: Aubrianna “Aubri” Rose Scott

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Hair: Aubri has light brown hair that is at medium length; Eyes: dark brown eyes; Height: 5’9 Body Type: Thin

God and mortal parent: God Parent: Hestia, Mortal Parent: Matthew Scott

Powers**: Aubri has the ability to create fireballs the size of a softball. A softball is the nice size for her, a size that isn’t to small nor too big. Usually she can make fireballs that size with nothing more but a small headache. It usually depends on how long she holds it in her hands. Anything smaller than a softball requires little effort for her to make, like a small flame on one of her fingers to light up a candle, Aubri could conjure up easily. But if Aubri wanted to make a fireball the size of a basketball, Aubri would probably faint on the spot from exhaustion. Aubri can use these fireballs in combat (which rarely happens), to light up a fireplace or campfire, or just to keep her warm in cold nights. Aubri can make 6 fireballs per day, although if she did six in a row she would probably get so exhausted that she would die.

Flaws: Antisocial, shy, and a constant worrier.

Pets: None

Weapon: A long celestial bronze knife in a sheath that was given to her by her best friend.

Talents/Skills: Smart, wise, peaceful, intelligent, funny, and optimistic.

RP Example*: I pick my way carefully through the woods, heading to the usual rendezvous spot where Drew and I would always meet up. I held onto the hilt of my knife anxiously, worrying about what would happen if I got caught. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to sneak out at night, but I had to. I felt terrible betraying my father, but I just had to meet up with Drew. I pushed my way through thick bushes into the clearing that led to the small pond surrounded by rocks. As I entered the clearing, I could see Drew’s silhouette sitting on a rock, staring out at the pond. It was sunset, so the sun was causing the sky to turn a bright orange color. I raced over towards Drew, sitting myself on a rock beside him. We sat in silence for a while and just stared at the water before us.

Biography*: Hestia grew to be fond with Matthew Scott when she was visiting a national park, where he was a park ranger. She sat in on one of his tours and became very interested, and soon the two became really fast friends. She grew to respect him. One day, they were out late at a campfire in the park, when Matt told her his story. His wife, Rebecca, had died in the 9-11 attacks when she was pregnant with a baby girl. Matt had been devastated ever since and had never been able to move on. Hestia grew sympathy for him, and decided to bless him with a baby girl. She brought Aubrianna to him the next day, wrapped up in a blanket, and revealed her identity to him. Matt was shocked, but understood. From that day on Hestia never saw him again, but kept watch from Olympus as he raised their baby. Aubri grew up to be a happy young girl, until the monsters caught on to her strong scent and started chasing after her. Matt became frightened, even though Hestia had warned him it might happen. They began to move all over the country, afraid and scared. They moved 9 times until they ended up in New York, when a demigod of Apollo named Drew caught on to Aubri when she was 12 years old, and took her away to camp. Matt didn’t want this, because he didn’t want to be alone again without a daughter. But reluctantly, he let her go. She became a year-round camper, and visited him only on Christmas.

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PostSubject: Re: Aubrianna Scott, daughter of Hestia!!!   2/1/2012, 9:35 pm


Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
15 slots open

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Aubrianna Scott, daughter of Hestia!!!
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