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 Dunkan, Son of Odyne

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PostSubject: Dunkan, Son of Odyne   1/31/2012, 1:43 am

Character Name:Dunkan Smärtan
God and mortal parent:He is the son of Odyne, goddess of pain, and Frank Smärtan
Powers:Well he can inflict pain onto other people, no brainer. To be more specific he has six levels of pain in which he can inflict onto people. When it comes to usage he can use level one six times a day, level two five times a day, level three four times a day, level four three times a day, level five two times a day, and finnaly he can only use level six once a day. Now onto how the levels of pain feel YAY! Level ones is like a severe skin irritation. Level two is a major migrane. Level three is like getting punched hard. Level four is like getting hit with a sledgehammer. Level five is like getting stabbed with a knife. FINNALY level six is the pain of being shot once. All the level except for level two can be target to a specific area if Dunkan chooses to place the pain in a specfic area.
Flaws:Dunkan is very sadistic from time to time. he prefers solitude whenever he is upset, and he tends to be very moody.
Pets:No pets.
The sword turns into a metal toothpick when Dunkan isn't using it in battle.
Talents/Skills:He is a fantastic guitar player and a singer, though he won't admit he is a good singer, because he believes singing is for wusses.
RP Example:I walked down the pathway in the zoo, it was a rather sunny day in New York City...I don't like the sun. So I was in a bad mood now...time to torture something...maybe a person...maybe not. I continued walking through the zoo, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to me and eventually found myself at the primate habitats. I looked to the exhibit next to me and saw it was the Western Lowland Gorilla I was looking at. A big, muscular, male was staring right back at me and he didn't look happy. I had a feeling the gorilla knew I was not like the normal visitors to this zoo....and it was right. With thay I shined a small smirk at the beast and inflicted level four pain onto him in the chest area. The beast reared up on it's hind legs and started roaring in agony. I just chuckled quietly and watched the primate writhe in pain.
Biography:Dunkan Smärtan was born on January 25th, 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden. His mother had left his father to raise Dunkan on his own, and his father, Frank, did a great job at this. Frank was a police officer for Stockholm and was somewhat respected by his co-workers. Though his high-ranking co-workers thought that Frank was too much of a loose cannon. Eventually this loose-cannon title got him fired from the force. But lucky for Frank he had managed to save up enough money to have him and Dunkan move to the United States when Dunkan was seven.

Cut to 2010 Dunkan is now 14 and is living peacefully with Frank and his father's girlfriend Stacey. Frank is a bounty hunter for the NYPD and has a great relationship with his son and his girlfriend. But when it comes to Dunkan and Stacey's relationship...not so much. Dunkan could see right through this woman and he could tell you this; she was an evil witch. She only started going out with Frank because of the money he gets paid for collecting targets and constantly flirting with other men behind Frank's back. This pissed off Dunkan majorly and he grew to hate Stacey more and more since the day he met her. One fateful day changed Dunkan's life forever though, for that day Frank proposed to Stacey and she said yes. This comepletely sent Dunkan over the age, so one day after Frank had left for work, he confronted Stacey and they got into a big arguement. At that moment Dunkan's powers, which came from his biological mother Odyne, surfaced within him and he acidentally inflicted level six pain onto Stacey, seeing as he was so mad he wanted to shoot her in the head. And this pain was inflicted onto her and she screamed in pain, and in her flailing fit of pain she fell off their apartment balcony. She fell twelve stories down and hit the ground, death embracing her instantly.

The week after Stacey's funeral, Frank went into a deep, deep depression. Dunkan tried to help his father cope with the pain, but he grew more and more depressed. One day after school though Dunkan walked into his apartment to find his father's hanging body in the middle of the living room. This has horrified Dunkan to this very day. Dunkan just ran out of his home and ran away from that area. After a hour and a half of running, he finnaly found himself in a dark alley. At this point a satyr in disguise found him and whisked him away to Camp Half-Blood. He was claimed a son of Odyne soon afterwards, and he has been at camp for about a year and a half now.
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PostSubject: Re: Dunkan, Son of Odyne   1/31/2012, 9:05 am


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Dunkan, Son of Odyne
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