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 Chris son of Achthonian(Wow that is a mouthful)

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PostSubject: Chris son of Achthonian(Wow that is a mouthful)   1/30/2012, 8:44 am

Character Name: Chris Stephens

Gender: M

Age: 15


God and mortal parent: Achthonian and Johnathan Stephens

Powers**: Chris has the power to summon anywhere from 20-25 skeletal warriors a day, This gives him minor to major headachs. He can also cause minor earthquakes. He can do this 5 times a day and he gets sleepy after each time. After 5 he passes out.

Flaws: Impatient at times, A bit Unpredictable, and has a fear of deep water like in oceans and stuff.

Pets: N/A

Weapon: 6 Cb Daggers. All of them look like this ->

Talents/Skills: Fighting

RP Example*: Chris woke up in his bed and looked around. Gods his head was hurting like crazy. What did he do last night? Gods why cant he remember what happened? He looked around and saw the remnants of a party and the sleeping victims of that party.Chris shooke his head and poored himself a glass of tea. He grabbed some asparin and quickly swallowed the pills. As everyone awoke one by one, Chris struggled to remember what happened. He just had to remember.

Biography*: Chris was born in Baltimore, Maryland on December 23, 1996. His father was a handsome young man named Johnathan or John. His mother however was the greek goddess of the Earth and the Underworld, Achthonian. His mother met his father one and they began dating not long after that. Eventually though Achthonian gave birth to Chris and was forced to leave John and their son. John became somewhat of an emotional wreck but did his best to try and raise Chris. Despite his best efforts though John became a depressed man and turned to alchol to try and help him. He soon became violent and would beat Chris while he was drunk. However even though he was abused Chris tried to help his father and keep him sane. It didn'thelp and when Chris turned 13 he was found by a satyr who brought him to CHB, because his father commited sucide due to slitting his wrists while being drunk. Chris was upset when he first arrived at the camp but after two years he finally got over the intial trauma of the event. Now he only feels a bit of pain in his gut when he thinks about what his father did.

Notes: His mother is a Minor Goddess of the Earth and the Underworld....

Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
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PostSubject: Re: Chris son of Achthonian(Wow that is a mouthful)   1/31/2012, 7:02 pm

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Chris son of Achthonian(Wow that is a mouthful)
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