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 A few transferred characters from a site I went on a LONG time ago xD. They're pretty awesome. ahaha

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PostSubject: A few transferred characters from a site I went on a LONG time ago xD. They're pretty awesome. ahaha   1/29/2012, 12:00 am

Catheryn Cade-Psyche

Character Name:
This girl’s name is Catheryn (Pronounced CAY-THE-RINNE) Cade. Yes, her name is different, but so is she. Catheryn is often referred to by her last name, Cade, for no true reason other than she claims to like it. She secretly prefers the elegance of her true name, however.

Erm... Catheryn's a female, am I correct? (;

12 years old, Catheryn was born on December 16th, 1999, which is fitting because she loves winter and everything about it.

Catheryn is very slim, but tall for her age. She’s about 5’4”, stubborn and strong as heck personality wise. She can shoot a bow and arrow pretty well, but she’s not that strong physically, strong enough to defend herself in close combat if she must. She has mid-length, very dark brown colored hair that falls in ringlets at her shoulders, and side bangs that she usually clips away from her face. Cade is pale, which she despises in the summer since she's constantly getting sunburned. She has quite a pretty face, with round blue-green eyes. She sometimes tries to use her young, innocent seeming looks against people but isn’t that good at doing so.

Catheryn has a very peculiar personality. She can be a bit stubborn when she wants to be, but then she can also be very open towards others. She’ll be nice to people she wants to be nice to but if she doesn’t like a person she’ll do anything to get on their nerves or make their lives miserable. She doesn’t always show it but she can be insecure sometimes, which causes her to try and looks deeper into a person’s soul.

God and Mortal Family:
Her mom is Psyche, though she is completely unaware of this, being unclaimed. Her father was James Cade, and she has a step-mother named Leanne, and these two had about 5 kids and counting together. Cade has never had the best relationship with her family, as she was always a bit rebellious. Her father had a difficult time raising her. Cade had made his life a living hell as a child, turning everything against him with her powers. He had always known she was a half-blood though he had no clue yet as to whom her mother was. Psyche could be very secretive at times. Her father is dead, though. He died defending her from a monster when she was 11, and she was very sensitive about it. Her stepmother remarried very quickly to a guy named Frank.

While Cade is unclaimed, she’s pretty much convinced her mother is Aphrodite, what with her ability to sense people’s feelings towards one another and love lives. She isn’t sure why she can sense other things as well, but she doesn’t think much of it.

Catheryn can see through people and understand their past; though vaguely, their current feelings and what they desire. She’s not always accurate and sometimes judges someone based on what she thinks she sees but really isn’t there. This doesn't drain her at all, it's almost like a sixth sense for her.

Catheryn is very stubborn, and never wants to give in to anything or anyone, even if she knows she’s wrong. (In general, she always wants to be right.) She can have large sums of envy towards others with due cause and she doesn’t easily accept someone who wrongs her. Also, she’s not good at acting or lying. Catheryn acts cold to people at time, and though she tries to cover it up she's very wrought over her father's death.

Catheryn does not have a pet at camp.

Catheryn fights with a celestial bronze bow and arrow, nothing fancy.

Catheryn knows how to play the piano but doesn’t utilize this talent very often, at least in front of people. She loves to play, secretly, and she feels it's therapeutic. She also sings, a talent introduced to her by her father. She doesn't reveal this to people often either. Cade is also really good with little kids, especially her sister Emma, though she was never really sure why.

Catheryn, as mentioned above, was born to James Cade, who really didn’t welcome her presence at first. She really just appeared at his doorstep, what kind of normal person wouldn’t be freaked out if a random baby appeared at their door? Upon realizing she had been a gift from his very secretive lover, he took her in with open arms. Of course, he hadn’t realized what he was getting himself into.

Cade was a nightmare from the time she learned to speak, what with her ability to sense what he was feeling. She would throw fits as a toddler when he wanted her to leave him alone, or as a pre-teen she was easily able to persuade him to spend time with her instead of her step-mother and half-siblings because she knew he wanted to. Her father started dating her step-mother when she was about 6. Her step-mother… let’s just say she despised the woman. She quickly saw through her warm, welcoming charade and recognized the hatred she had for her.

Once the woman got married to her father and decided to have KIDS with him (Which wasn’t Catheryn’s choice. If it was, that shoe-scum would never be allowed to breed.) Catheryn tried to make Leanne’s (her stepmother) life as horrible as possible. Of course, she succeeded, yet her father continued to have children with her. She must have had… what, 5 siblings by now? The scary thing was; she was actually close with her sister Emma, who was 5 now. Although she misses her sorely, she would never go back to that household to live if her life depended on it.

On Halloween of 2011, the year before she arrived at camp, her father was killed defending her from a hell hound while the two were on their way home from the supermarket. Cade was and still is distraught over her loss, and though she tries to hide it she finds it difficult at times.

Catheryn ran away from home a few weeks ago, fed up with living with her stepmother and her brand-spanking-new husband. She headed to New York just for the heck of it, though she had a feeling that the camp her father had once told her about was there.

As of current, she is just arriving at camp, and she is happy to find a home there as opposed to her house in Minnesota. She harbors animosity towards birth mother for never claiming her, but she doesn't say a word about it.


Riley Peterson-Geras

Character Name:
Riley Peterson. Not much to say, really.

Riley is a male.

Riley’s 16 years old, and he was born on September 18th.

Riley, as a teenager, is pretty handsome. He has medium brown hair that sort of flips up in the front. It’s relatively short. Then he has interesting brown eyes and naturally pink lips. He’s pretty tall, just reaching six feet, and he's muscular, but not to too great of an extreme. His skin isn’t tan, but it’s not a pasty white color like some. He wears a lot of plain clothes: jeans and T-shirts, but he never looks sloppy.

As an old man, which will be explained later, well… he looks the same but sort of shriveled up and hunched over.

Riley has a pretty laid back personality. He’s quite impulsive, and he’ll do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. He doesn’t always listen to people around him, but that’s what can make him fun sometimes. He’ll do things on a whim. He’s pretty magnetic, and he likes people a lot. He’s open, and he isn’t too quick to judge a person. He’s attractive, and he’s not too insecure; however he would do anything to cover up the fact that he turns old. He hates when someone sees him turn. A lot.

God and Mortal Family:
Riley was raised by his mother, Sophie who is married to a man named Harold. Harold has always been suspicious of Riley, and sometimes mentioned his oddness. Riley usually just passed his “gifts” from his real father off as a disorder. On the godly side, Riley’s a son of Geras, the god of old age.

Well, Riley wouldn’t really consider this a useful power, but whenever he touches water he turns into an old man. He can drink water, but if enough of it gets in direct contact with his skin he’ll quickly transform. Once dry; however, he’ll shift back in a matter of five minutes.

Riley is stopped at nothing. He’s overly impulsive, and he’ll do what he wants no matter what someone says or warns him. You could say he’s thickheaded. He is insecure when it comes to his “power,” so to speak, and it sometimes keeps him from growing too close with people. Also, he’s terrible at shooting a bow and arrow.

Riley has a German shepherd dog named… well… Dog. Riley liked to give his possessions literal names, with the occasional absurdity like the name Man, for his sword. Dog tags around Riley a lot, and he’s quick to alert him when it’s going to rain or if there’s water nearby. He’s sort of like a seeing eye dog.

Riley mostly fights with his sword that he calls Man. It’s celestial bronze, and a pretty average, boring sword.

Riley plays bass, but can’t really sing. He’s also a good reader which is strange for a dyslexic kid of his generation.

Riley gave his mother a shock when he was born. To her surprise she had given birth to… an old man? He came out a wailing infant, but as soon as the nurse went to wash him… poof: a little naked old man plopped in the washbasin. What a sight to see. At first she thought there was something wrong with her son, but then she remembered… his father was the god of old age. The nurse had a heart attack right then and there, dead on the floor, but his mother quickly wiped him off and he was soon a crying infant again. Strange, but true.

Anyhow, he had a relatively normal life, but he was constantly attempting to hide his “gift” from everyone. He had to avoid gym swim tests, pool parties at friend’s homes... sometimes even school if it was too rainy. It almost depressed him, but hey, what could he do?

Once he turned nine he learned not to live his life in a bubble, when his mom got married. He started to rebel, going against her rules and hanging out with everyone and anyone in his class. He soon had tons of friends and the time of his life. Once he turned 15 he realized that life as a demigod would force him to go to camp, so he left his mother and her husband easily to form a new life.

Riley’s been in camp for about a year now. He’s used to it, but he keeps his so-called powers a secret from most people. His life is a little bizarre; however, because his body in it's old form seems to age with him. He is sometimes concerned that he'll eventually grow too old in that form and die altogether upon his transition, but he doesn't think this is likely.


Characters? (click here)
Zahra Klein, artistic orphan daughter of Ptah,
Matthew James Maguire, lucky irish son of Caerus,
Riley Peterson, son of Geras who turns randomly into an old man,
Catheryn Cade, stubborn unclaimed daughter of Psyche,
Alison Grey, yet another witty child of Geras, half-sister to one Riley Peterson,
and lastly, Catalina Liakos, the very intelligent, amiable, tough-as-nails daughter of Prometheus.
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PostSubject: Re: A few transferred characters from a site I went on a LONG time ago xD. They're pretty awesome. ahaha   1/29/2012, 12:13 am

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A few transferred characters from a site I went on a LONG time ago xD. They're pretty awesome. ahaha
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