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 Payton, daughter of Tyche.

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PostSubject: Payton, daughter of Tyche.    1/28/2012, 4:44 pm

Character Name: Payton

Gender: Female

Age: 16

She's like, 5'3"

God and mortal parent: Tyche, goddess of fortune and luck. And her daddy is some random dude named Mark.

Powers**: Can control a person's luck/fortune, including her own, she can either make it really good or really bad. She can do this up to five times a day, the more she does, the more drowsy she gets.

Flaws: Doesn't think before she talks, doesn't trust easily, once she has her mind set on something, she'll do anything to get what she wants (I dunno if that counts as a flaw. But.)

Pets: none.

Weapon: A three foot long Celestial Bronze sword.

Talents/Skills: Good at giving advice, great fighter whether she has her sword or not, fast runner, plays just about any instrument.

RP Example*: I walked down the streets of New York City, looking around at all the people. I pulled a few dollars out of my pocket and bought a hot dog from a vendor. I kept walking, starting to make my way back to camp. When I turned the corner, a sad hobo man was laying there with a sign. I looked down at him and frowned a little. He looked up at me, pleading with his eyes for something. I kept walking.. Then I walked into a store, bought a lottery ticket, and made the ticket so it held the winning numbers for that night. I walked back to the man, dropped the ticket in his hand and went back to camp. The next day, I went back down to where the man was and saw a bunch of news people surrounding him, interviewing him about his win. I smiled and caught his eye. He mouthed the words "Thank you" and went back to his interviewing. I turned around, a big smile on my face.

Biography*: Payton was raised by her father Mark. Mark had very little money his whole life. When he met Tyche, she brought him great things, money, a big house, everything Mark ever wanted. Soon, Payton was born and Tyche disappeared, leaving Mark and Payton with very little. Tyche took almost everything away from them. Mark and Payton did their best to get by, often short on food and in grave danger of new clothes and a new home. By the time Payton was eight, good things started happening. Mark didn't really take into consideration that these could be Payton's powers from her mother Tyche. He was just glad and very surprised. As Payton got older, these good things got better! The two of them were shopping one day and Mark decided to by a lotto ticket. He let Payton pick the numbers. When they were watching TV that night, all of the numbers matched the numbers Mark had in his hand. Finally, something good happened. But then, the next day, a saytr came. He told Mark that Payton would start to make things unrealistic and people would start questioning what was happening with Mark. The saytr took Payton away to Camp that day.

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PostSubject: Re: Payton, daughter of Tyche.    1/28/2012, 4:47 pm

I dont think the third thing would count as a flaw. But I think I could see some situations in which it would count as one.

To the people who disagree that it's a flaw.

Imagine you setting your mind on finding a friend and then recklessly going to some extremely dangerous possibly life ending place to find that friend. Boom instant flaw status.

Anyway Approved.

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Payton, daughter of Tyche.
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