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 Ace Astren, Son of Hermes

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PostSubject: Ace Astren, Son of Hermes   1/27/2012, 2:38 am

Character Name: Ace Astren
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Blue eyes, Black hair, Height: 5'9/175 cm, Weight: 60kg/132 lbs, Slightly muscular.
God and mortal parent:Hermes and Loraine Astren
Flaw: Partial/Selective Amnesia, Lack of self esteem, Can get too attached to people, Doesn't like to kill and has a dark(-ish) past (Not sure if that last one is a flaw but I put it in there)
Weapon: A Celestial bronze dagger and a Swiss army knife he keeps on his person
Talents/Skills:Quick reflexes, He's better at sneaking than most people, A keen acrobat and an above average fighter
RP Example*: (From Another site)
Ace was watching a old movie while he contemplated the use of hostages *What do you really have to gain from taking a hostage, i mean you can get people to pay a ransom or you could get someone to do your dirty work but other than that you only kill someone*.
Someone was shot on screen and Ace flinched *Wait a second, where's Sean?* Ace thought *He probably is still out drinking. Why do people drink, is it to get drunk or is it because you like the taste.* Ace was about to continue thinking about pointless things when he heard tyres screeching outside. He made his way down the stairs to the door, by the time he got out he could see a van speeding off in the distance, and a mobile on the ground. It had a label on it, it read To The Sentinels, He picked up the phone and instinctively checked the contact list, one number and that was it. Call Me *Its probably a trap* Ace thought *but someone could be in trouble* Ace dialled the number.

The man on the other end relayed a message to him, his voice was filled with fear and Ace thought it best not to ask questions. He turned on his earpiece in ear and Agent Sullivan crackled into his ear, "Ace, Whats up?" Sullivan asked
"We seem to have a problem, if i don't solve this puzzle someone will get killed"
"What's the puzzle?"
"The Cab Driver killer-"
"You need to find the murder weapon don't you"
"Thankfully, i have a list of locations here that i could be held at,i'l send them over to your phone" Ace's Mobile buzzed in his pocket, he opened the attachment, a list of five locations, two green, two amber and one red "The colours indicate how hard it will be to search the place" The greens were Abandoned warehouses, the ambers, taxi-cab depots and the red was the alleged killers apartment, Where the alleged killer still was The closest was an abandoned warehouse three blocks down.
"Also" Ace said into the mic "I only have 7 Hours to finish it, so il need some sort of transportation" As soon as Ace said this a nearby garage opened revealing a shiny black motorcycle
"Will that do?"Sullivan asked Ace smugly
"Perfect" Ace said as he slipped the helmet over his head. He mounted the Motorcycle and revved the engine pulling out on to the street, weaving in and out of traffic, Ace was scared of the bike falling over at first but soon got the knack of it, *It's like riding a pushbike* Ace thought while dodging a Volvo *A very fast dangerous pushbike*

He pulled up at the warehouse, abandoned as stated, He searched for a while but found nothing, "Damn I guess i need to move on" He walked outside only to be confronted by a policeman standing next to his motorbike "Shoot" Ace said under his breath

"Do you have a license, sir?" the cop asked, cocking his eyebrow Ace walked within talking distance of the cop, and the bike.
"Of course i do" Ace reached into his pocket, gathering some electricity in his fists."Its right here" Ace hit the cop with a crack, the cop fell to the ground alerting passing citizens "Its ok" Ace reaches into the cops pocket pulling out the ID badge,"Im an Undercover Cop, and this man was an impostor." The citizens seemed to accept this and continued to go about their daily routines. Ace dragged the guy back into the warehouse and handcuffed him to a pipe, taking his walkie-talkie and putting on his best american accent "This is Alpha Delta Juliet, We have an impostor in the abandoned warehouse on Second street, I request backup" Ace said into the walkie-talkie before crushing it under his foot. Ace got on his bike and burned rubber, he checked his watch, he spent more time there then he thought "2 hours left, Damn" Ace decided to go for the red, even if it wasn't there he could question the owner.

Ace arrived at the apartment, 1 hour left. Ace ran up the stairs up to the apartment door and let himself in, by let himself in i mean he electrified the doorknob and jumped through it to the other side. The bad thing was the killer was on the other side, even worse he had a gun in his hands "So they sent you to kill me, i thought i would be a bigger threat than to have a kid after me" the man lowered the gun and reached over to a tabletop grabbing a bottle,"Im going to kill you like i killed the others, Show them that i mean business" the man took a knife out the bottle. Ace smiled "So you don't think you can beat a kid in a fist fight" Ace cocked an eyebrow "Some killer, I understand why they only sent me"Ace could see the rage in the mans eyes as he dropped the knife and got in a boxers pose, Ace dodged a lazy sucker punch and returned with a punch to the gut, the man keeled over and Ace brought his knee to his face the man flew backwards, his face was heavily bruised. Ace checked his watch 15 minutes left, he reached into his pocket the phone was still there, he took a photo of the knife and sent it to the number accompanied with the text Its done, Let the hostage go.

Sullivan bursted into his ear, "Ace, are you done?"
"Yes its all done"
"What was the weapon?"
"It was a knife, ill bring it in to you once i'm finished here" Ace took the knife and put it back in the bottle, he was exhausted "Its been a long day" Ace took the knife and the bike back to Sullivan's apartment, it wasn't that far from there so i seemed the best place to go. While Sullivan analysed the knife Ace laid down on the couch.

Biography*: Ace was only 9 when his mother was killed and he was left all alone in the big city of New York. He took to living off of the streets easily, getting things from rubbish bins and dumpsters, it's amazing what stuff people throw out, Ace was living of the streets and eating better than some lower class families, Ace was sickened by this thought. While living on the streets he learnt a few tricks, he trained his reflexes so he could dodge muggers knifes with ease, he trained his acrobatic skills so he could navigate rooftops and alleyways with ease. By the time he was 10 he had made quite a name for himself in the underground, he was known as The Kid, able to hold his own against five men. While Ace was galavanting about in New York people were still struggling to make a living, losing everything, just like him. He started stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he was regaled by the people, tales were told of him and he was admired/hated, depending on who you were. Three years passed and he may had finally met his match, he was hunted by the police. Words of his exploits had gotten out and obviously someone didn't like it, he was chased to long island where he tripped down a hill and smashed the back of his head on a rock, gaining partial amnesia, he still remembered who he was (name, age, DOB, ect) and he remembered what he could do but most of since his mother died was a black blur. He awoke in camp half blood.
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PostSubject: Re: Ace Astren, Son of Hermes   1/27/2012, 2:44 am


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Ace Astren, Son of Hermes
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