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 Ian Clintwood, Son of Eris

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PostSubject: Ian Clintwood, Son of Eris   1/25/2012, 11:54 pm

Character Name: Ian Clintwood
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Description: Ian has dark brown hair, reddish-brown eyes, is about 5’11” in height, and looks like a string bean at a glance, but is actually stronger than he looks. Usually Calm and controlled, but when you get him irritated or angry… you don’t want to mess with him. He has tattoos (not really tattoos… more like hourglass shaped scars) on both of his hands (not his palms) and across his left cheek.
God and mortal parent: Eris (goddess of discord and strife), and Phil "Cheese Steak" Clintwood
Powers**: Influencing people (monsters, demigods, mortals, etc.) to cause disharmony among their ranks. The bigger the disharmony, the bigger the crowd; the more energy it will take. At a minimum of 3 people, it would take up about a 1/35th of his energy (provided that he’s well rested). Meaning that with 3 people, and a small disharmony between them, he can use his powers about 35 times, give or take. To cause mass pandemonium among a huge crowd of 100 people, he would pretty much use up all of his energy. He'd be very tired, near passing out, but still able to fight. (all of this is per day)
Flaws: He is occasionally over-possessive, and he occasionally talks to himself. When he does talk, he often says cryptic things. He’s deathly scared of speed boats and gets sea-sick easily. Is also afraid of obese people/becoming obese.
Pets: None
Weapon: A pair of push-daggers, along with a Katzbalger (it's all CB, what do you expect?)
Talents/Skills: Working with puppets, ventriloquism, CQC fighting, running, jumping, and pick pocketing.
RP Example*: I lay back and read a book in my dad’s sagging armchair right in front of the television. It was life when my dad wasn’t around. Suddenly, I hear a car that seemed to squeak a lot outside of my house. I swore and look up. My dad was home, and I was going to get caught red-handed reading the book. I quickly shove the book under the couch as my dad yells out, “GET OUT HERE YA RUNT AND HELP ME OUT OF THIS GODD*MNED TRUCK!” I answer, “Yes father.” And run out to help him out. As I get ready to go outside, I take a deep breath. I then walk outside and pull on my dad’s hand to lift him out of the truck.
Biography*: Ian grew up in Greenland, but was taught English by his dad. When Ian was around 3 or 4 years old, his father, Phil, was a very nice thin man. Then, when Ian was 5, his dad was laid off, and Phil went into a depression. Ian’s dad became crueler and crueler, and became more obese. Ian was treated like a slave, being ordered around his own house. At one point, his dad got so morbidly obese, that he had to be wheeled around in a truck. When Ian was 6, his dad died of being so FAT, so he was put into an orphanage. Ian grew bored of this orphanage quickly, and ran away from it. He was recruited into a gang, where he was taught to pick-pocket and steal, along with killing. One day while wandering the streets, he encountered a street performer performing a puppet theater. Touched by the old man, he asks the man if he could learn the art of ventriloquism and pupeteering. The old man agrees and after a couple of months, Ian learns all he needs to know. When he started entertaining the littler kids in the gang, the leader immediately promoted him to his left hand man. When Ian was about 10, his gang was tortured and slaughtered. Ian himself was also tortured and went into a coma. A year later, he woke up in a rich man’s house, finding that he had healed. Ian found that he was on a remote island in the Caribbean. He soon met the owner of the island mansion, and asked Ian if he wanted to stay and get an education. Ian said yes, so for the next two years, he spent learning music, gaining some muscle, learning math, science, and all the stuff you learn at school. One day, while he was playing in a symphony that his ‘stepfather’ owned, all of a sudden, everyone’s instruments went out of tune, and everybody started playing the wrong notes. Confused, Ian looked above his head, and saw the glowing symbol, panicked and ran. He stole a boat, and started to run away when he was engulfed by a wave. When he woke up, he was off the coast of Florida. After getting taken to an orphanage and actually getting an education, he learns about CHB from an eccentric satyr. He is taken to Camp after these events.
Notes: Fluent in Greenlandic, Dutch, and English.
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PostSubject: Re: Ian Clintwood, Son of Eris   1/27/2012, 9:03 pm


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Ian Clintwood, Son of Eris
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