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 Mykayla Rowan

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PostSubject: Mykayla Rowan   1/20/2012, 3:24 am

Character Name: Mykayla Rowan

Gender: Female

Age: 13

God and mortal parent: Athena and Marcus Rowan

Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Golden Blonde hair, gray eyes, 5'2, fit, athletic body (like a runner)


Flaws: lack of self confidence, arachnophobia, Minor Aspergers Syndrome, poor eyesight, low self esteem


Weapon: Twin Eskrima Sticks

Talents/Skills: Talented tactician, extremely intelligent, talented in martial arts, fast runner

Mykayla lived in Vancouver, Canada with her Dad most of her life. Her father never liked her and neglected her while she was home. The two of them moved to New York City when she was 10. In New York City, she was able to get herself free martial arts lessons which she enjoyed. Her Dad got back into his old habit of drinking and beat her at home. She was bullied in school and saw no more reason for living with her Dad so she ran away when she turned 13.

RP Sample:
(from another site)
The private jet rolled down the landing concrete landing strip to a stop close to the end. The white aircraft's steps came out so that the passengers inside could walk out onto the field surrounding the landing strip. There was a nearby tower and a small building for the benefit of the pilot. The tall grass of the surrounding field brushed against John's pants as he strolled towards the nice car that awaited him. Opening the door of the shiny black car, he slid into the leather chair on the passengers side. He was here for one reason and one reason only, to preform his first test. There was a group of teenage "superheroes" in the San Francisco area that would make the perfect test subjects. Sitting in the drivers seat of the car was his driver and assassin, Azazel. Azazel was known as Kurt until a few years ago before he made himself an assassin. He willingly participated in John's activities and had proved himself a loyal and successful soldier. After doing some research on this relatively new group of heroes, John had decided which he was going to use as added leverage for his games. His target was a boy who called himself Deluge. He had the ability to control water and had demonstrated many times that he could use it successfully and skillfully. The boy would make perfect leverage to make the group of heroes play his little game. They would most likely play anyway, seeing as it put civilians in harms way, but he had something planned for this boy.

The car stopped at his mansion just outside of San Francisco. He was not going to take his hostage here but he needed to retrieve something. He opened the Oak doors and stepped into the luxurious house. Walking up the marble staircase, he found his way to his room. Once inside, he made his way over to a cabinet and took an untraceable, disposable cell phone and left the house. he made his way back out to the black car where Azazel was waiting to drive him to the warehouse. About twenty minutes later, the car arrived at the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Inside were a group of John's most loyal mercenaries. The car drove into the warehouse and Azazel stepped out, transferring to an unmarked, white van for him to catch Deluge. His sniper rifle was in the back of the car already so he did not have to waste time gathering it. Once John was inside the warehouse, under the protection of the mercenaries, Azazel sped off to initiate the plan. John on the other hand, made his way up to the managers office inside the warehouse and took a seat at the leather chair behind the wooden desk. Pulling a black ten inch tablet out from his briefcase, John proceeded to view through Azazel's mechanical eye. It was disguised to look like normal eye for the most part but no human eye could do what it could.

Azazel drove to the point where the Doctor had told him to. He was in an old alleyway behind a pub. In the back of the alley were a couple of thugs that he was supposed to give seven hundred dollars to. The leader accepted the money and nodded as he counted the green bills. The group of men walked out into the open square and drew out their pistols, threatening a couple of citizens. Perfect, the Professors' plan is falling into place. Azazel though to himself. Azazel made his way up the flights of stairs in an apartment building next to the square. On the roof of the building, he set up his rifle and loaded the tranquilizer darts into it. The gangsters down below were making a scene that Deluge would hopefully come to stop. Once he did, he would find a tranquilizer dart in his neck and he would be in the back of a van. This was going to be fun.

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PostSubject: Re: Mykayla Rowan   1/20/2012, 8:26 am

So her weapons are just a pair of sticks? o.O

Well ok then. Approved.

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Mykayla Rowan
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