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 Tyler Jacob son of Ares

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PostSubject: Tyler Jacob son of Ares   1/15/2012, 12:20 am

Character Name: Tyler Jacob
Gender: M
Age: 18
Description: and he is 6'5

God and mortal parent: Ares and Maria Jacob

Powers**: No powers

Flaws: Hot-head, Jerk to everyone, Fear of Dieing

Pets: White Tiger

Weapon: CB Sword

Talents/Skills: Fighting

RP Example*:I woke up in my cabin. Pissed as useall.Grabbed my sword and left, Lookin for a fight. I walked in to the areana easly picked a fight. when i left i went back to my cabin, to try tocalm down, but i just couldn't.

Biography*: Hi, my name is Tyler. I was born in denver, Colorado. I got into alot of trouble that how i got here. I got my mortal parents which is..... Ares and Maria Jacob. Then i was transferred to CHB.

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PostSubject: Re: Tyler Jacob son of Ares   1/15/2012, 11:15 am

It's so sloopy.

Gah Approved.

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Tyler Jacob son of Ares
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