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  Suephrom Live, Evil (Son of) Morpheus.

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PostSubject: Suephrom Live, Evil (Son of) Morpheus.    1/9/2012, 10:26 pm

Character Name: Suephrom (soo-frahm) Live
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required):Black hair, very light, almost white, blue eyes, 5'9", very strong, but not super bulky.
God and mortal parent: Morpheus Saturday Night Live
Powers**:He can enter into people's dreams, three times a week. He can shape their dreams however he pleases, and enter himself into the dreams as any shape or form. He can also make people fall asleep by breathing into their face (10 times a day if they go to sleep for 30 minutes, 5 times if they sleep for two hours, and 1 time if they sleep for five hours. They compound proportionally.)
Flaws:Sometimes loses track of what's real and what's not, slow to trust (always thinks someone is trying to manipulate him), and very violent. He also sometimes gets confused by technology.
Pets:A vampire bat named Epira.
Weapon:Two Celestial Bronze machetes, a celestial bronze long sword, and a celestial bronze dagger. Also, a pair of celestial bronze knuckles.
Talents/Skills:Inception (Planting ideas in people's dreams that carry to when they wake up; very, very difficult) and Extraction (Figuring out someone's secrets by creating a realistic dream in which he someone gets them to confess their secret, or steals it.)
He's excellent at Martial Arts.
RP Example*:I turned myself into an Angel of Death, my favourite persona to adopt when invading someone's dreams. I had a ginormous Scythe of Stygian iron, and I was looming over the idiot who had decided to make some joke against my father. Now here he sat, whimpering and calling for daddy, as I pillaged his dream and cut him to pieces. I was careful not to kill him; that would almost instantly wake them up. But I dragged out the fear and pain for as long as I could. He wouldn't ever spit the name of Morpheus again.
Biography*: Suephrom was born in Egypt, to a Greek mother, on January 1st, 0000 BC/AD (Think on that one for a moment. Shouldn't that be December 25th? Or did the year 0000 start when Jesus was six days old? philosoraptor.jpg) He didn't fit in right in Egypt. His mom saw it immediately. He learned to fight, married, and joined the army by the age of 15, but he just didn't fit in right. When he was sixteen, his wife died in childbirth. The baby died three days later. Suephrom was, reasonably, distraught. He didn't think that it was an accident, though. He used his powers to search for the culprit, and eventually he found the person out. His own mother had set it all up. Manipulated him. In his despair over losing everything he loved, he went back into the army,. He put his trust in his officer, who ended up trying to use him as bait during a battle. He was being manipulated, again. He gave up. He prayed to his father for help, and was put into a deep slumber in a pyramid, within a sarcophagus. He laid there dormant for about 200 years, when a group of archaeologists discovered a room adjacent to his own. His sarcophagus had been designed for him to get out, and the room had a magic doorway that took him directly to Thalia's tree. He's been attending Camp Half-Blood for three months now, relatively unnoticed. Suephrom has become jaded against the camp.
Notes:Not a happy person.

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PostSubject: Re: Suephrom Live, Evil (Son of) Morpheus.    1/9/2012, 10:42 pm

Hmm Approved.

Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
15 slots open

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Suephrom Live, Evil (Son of) Morpheus.
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