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 Skye, Daughter of Phobos.

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PostSubject: Skye, Daughter of Phobos.   1/8/2012, 8:51 pm

Character Name: Skye.

Gender: Girl

Age: 15

Description: No one is quite sure of her true description. It's how the character see's her. If they see her with Pink hair, then she has pink hair. If they see her with orange eyes then it's orange eyes. If they see her with blonde hair and pink eyes. That's what she looks like.

She is 5'0 though, very short for her age. And she always wear's something black. No matter what. When people see her, her clothes never change, nor her height. Just her face features.
(This is also like a flaw/power. She doesn't want it to happen. But it does.)

God and mortal parent: Phobos and UnKNown

Powers**: Forms into anyone's fear, (clowns, crazy cannibals, rabid human like raccoons.) and can only do that when want to show the peoples fears.
If someone describes to her what they see when they look at her, then her face automatically forms into that. Even if she doesn't want it to. Everyone see's her that way for about 2=3 hours. (I'm not sure if it's a power or a flaw. It's kind of both.)

Flaws: Can only form into a fear about 5 times a day.
Fears that people see her in an ugly way.
Goes to do something, but forgets about it. (Procrastinates, ALOT)
Doesn't have much of a memory of her past.
Cannot see herself in a mirror (No she is not a vampire) The mirror brakes if she get's close to it.
Hates Public places.
Never knows what she looks like.

Pets: None.

Weapon: None. (Yet.)

Talents/Skills: none.

RP Example*: Everyones staring. My heart is racing. I hate being stared at. What do they all see? I've never seen myself. I never will be able to. Do I have a beard to them? Is that possible? I'm not sure. Screw Them. Let them fear me! LET THEM ALL FEAR ME!

Biography*: Skye doesn't remember much of her past. She basically remembers being under the bed of a girl with red eyes and purple and black hair. She remembers the girl having conversations with her when she was about 5. She remembers being best friends with the child and many memories which followed the friendship. But then, the child was drugged. Which, I guess drugged Skye. And then the girl started to be afraid of skye. Feared Skye. She never wanted to be near her again. Ever. So She kind of poofed and so did Skye's memory. She don't remember much after that. Actually, she remembers nothing. Nothing at all. Then, about two weeks ago, she poofed in next to the tree. She felt, alive. Not how she used to feel when she was younger. She was more... thicker, and real. She wasn't sure where she came from, why she just poofed in out of know where. But she was going to find out, sooner or later.

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PostSubject: Re: Skye, Daughter of Phobos.   1/9/2012, 10:29 pm


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Skye, Daughter of Phobos.
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