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 Xavier Templesmith, son of Hypnos

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PostSubject: Xavier Templesmith, son of Hypnos   1/8/2012, 1:42 am

Character Name: Xavier Templesmith
Gender: M
Age: 15
Description: Dark Bluish hair that almost looks black, Golden Irises (I dunno, it seemed fitting), has a lean body, but is strong. 5’8” in height. Wears a dark jacket and a faded blue T-Shirt, along with faded blue jeans. Psychologically… he doesn’t trust anyone he doesn’t know until he gets to know them, and he does have flashbacks…
God and mortal parent: Hypnos and Mary Templesmith . Stepdad: Ronald Jackson
Powers: Making people drowsy. On a massive scale, such as… 15 people, this effect will only last a minute, let’s say. On a single person, the more he concentrates on making the specific person sleepy, he will make them sleepier and the effects of drowsiness will be stronger, but the longer he concentrates, he will also be more tired.
Flaws: Not very trusting; has flashbacks at random times, Automantonophobia (fear of statues, dolls, etc.), Clinophobia (fear of going to bed… ironic much?). He rarely sleeps, and when he does, he has nightmares.
Pets: None. Well… if you count the mouse living in his jacket pocket, then yes.
Weapon: A Celestial Bronze Kilij (3 foot long, single-edged sword. Curved.), and a CB switchblade (you should know what that is)
Talents/Skills: Combat in general, Cooking, Fishing, Hunting, and Climbing.
RP Example*: I walk around the forest, and breathe in deeply. The clean, crisp air lightened my heart. All in all, life was good for now. Although the screams of my mother plagued my dreams, I felt better than I did when I was in the hospital. I frown at the memories of my step-dad, but I quickly push them aside and try to locate the cave that is mentioned in the letter. After searching for a while, I find the weapon stash and look inside. I find a couple weapon racks full of CB weapons. I walk in and take a look around. The first thing that catches my eye is a switch-blade. I smile as I flick it back and forth. I pocket it, and try to find a bigger weapon. The sword that catches my eye is the Kilij. My step-dad talked about it… a Turkish sword. I pick it up and weigh it in my hands. Perfect. I smile, and strap the scabbard onto my belt. I leave quickly because the sun was starting to go down.
Biography*: Xavier lived with his step-dad ever since he was born. His mother became hysterical when Xavier’s father left her, and she tried remarrying. The marriage didn’t work well, and his step-dad became a drunkard after the divorce. Soon after, he was laid off, and he turned to fighting to gain money. When Xavier started to grow up, his father starts to teach Xavier how to fight, as well as take him fishing, hunting, and rock climbing. When Xavier is 10, his step-father dies. He is forced to move in with his mom, who blames all her problems on him. After 3 days, Xavier goes goofy, and kills his mother in a fury. He snaps out of his rage when he hears the sirens wailing in the distance. Xavier lives in a mental hospital for 3 years, and is released from the mental hospital when he is declared ‘not responsible’ for his actions at the time. After he is released, Xavier gets a letter from his step-dad from his step-dad’s friend. He learns that his step-dad is a satyr from this letter, that there was a stash of CB weapons in the woods they went hunting in, that he was a son of Hypnos, and that he should go to CHB. After he grabs some weapons, he lives on the streets for another 2 years before walking to CHB.
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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Templesmith, son of Hypnos   1/8/2012, 1:49 am

Hmm. Approve-inated.

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Xavier Templesmith, son of Hypnos
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