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 Emberlyn :3

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PostSubject: Emberlyn :3   1/7/2012, 2:31 am

Character Name: Emberlyn Joyce
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required):

She's about 5'5" tall and is rather lean and speedy :3 And her eyes are an orangey, ambery color - not the black in the picture.

God and mortal parent: Phobos and Zo Joyce.
Powers**: She has one main ability - to show someone there greatest fear. She has a sense that lets her just know what the person is most afraid of, and almost... manipulates there mind where there seeing it as if it's right in front of them. It hard to stop, and takes a lot fo willpower, and can last anywhere from thirty seonds to five minutes. The longer she keeps it going and the more frequently she does it, the more it drains her.

Flaws: She's a sadistic little thing, who enjoys manipulating people for her own uses, and loves using people to crush them in the end. She has a gory, graphic mind and she has no real fears - she's rather detatched unless it comes to her two best friends Ronnie and Pearce or the pain of others. She can be a liiiittle masochistic sometimes and is mesmerized by the sigh of her own blood.

Pets: None. She'd stab it a bunch for amusement.

Weapon: A range of weapons - daggers, knives, swords, arrows, darts that she enjoys putting various types of poison in if she can get her hands on it, needle's, and a hammer. All celestial bronze of course.

Talents/Skills: She has a wide array of knowledge pertaining to pressure points on the human body, and always carries around a notebook and clicky pen so she can write don't ideas for painful deaths and newest ways to harm people. Yes, it's mildly disturbing. Don't judge.

RP Example*: Emberlyn was being completely still. This wasn't new for her for she had gained the rather frightening habit of freezing at random intervals. She barely needed to breathe during these moments and didn't blink. If you hadn't known, you'd have thought she was dead. But during these moments she did important things - she plotted, and she dreamed.

She plotted the newest ways to break out of this blasted prison. She plotted the newest way to die and how she oh so wished to inflict it upon those dratted men with there syrums. But when she dreamed, she was free.

She dreamed of there high, piercing shrieks and there hoarse voices begging, just begging to die. Watching them cry and sob and beg for mercy, loosing all restraints as they bled dry, or as a venom slowly broke down there organs one by one. Revelling in the glorious site of them writhing, there bodies spasaming. The sweet, sweet copper scent of there rich, red life blood pouring out of them, slowly. And then, after a long, beautiful battle...they died.

Emberlyn loved those final seconds, the horror fading into an expression of wonder as the light left there now bleak, dull eyes. That final thing, before the body began shrinking in death, was what she lived for. It was... everything.

Biography*: Emberlyn Ava Joyce was born on August 12th, 1996 in upper Manhattan. Her mother was a Vet, and everything that now makes Emberlyn who she is, began when the young girl was six years old. She'd always been different from the other children - laughing when others cried, or when someone bled. Laughing when she bled. No one thought much of it - until that day. Zo Joyce had taken her daughter to work with her, and being the unusual little girl she was, Emberlyn wanted nothing to do with the defenseless puppies and kittens. No, when her mother went to put an old dog down that had a broken leg, she jumped on the opportunity. She didn't cry with her mother when it happened - no, for the first time, she knew what happiness felt like. She knew what it was to feel alive.

Since that day she'd taken to keeping her journal with knew pain theories, testing them out on small animals, or the occasional stray cat or dog. She was smart about it, never letting mother dearest know about her secret hobby - her obsession.

The only thing, besides her obsession, she's ever felt for are her two best friends. They were both boys - Emberlyn never having been the girl type, and she cared more for them then her mother, whom she would happily kill for an experiment.

The group was down in Times Square one fateful day when a kid that had been stalking them at school approached them, informing them of there nature as demigods and offering to escort them to camp. Suddenly, they were attacked by a cyclops.

When all was over and done with, the satyr and cyclops were dead, and Ronnie had drank the satyrs blood. The group, having been thought goofy, were locked inside of St. Pilgrim mental Institute where they reside currently.

Notes: Nope.

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PostSubject: Re: Emberlyn :3   1/7/2012, 2:32 am

Hmm Approved.

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15 slots open

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Emberlyn :3
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