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 Oliver Owen Son of Apollo

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PostSubject: Oliver Owen Son of Apollo    1/4/2012, 1:47 am

Character Name: Oliver Owen

Gender: M

Age: 15

Description: and he is 5'10

God and mortal parent: Apollo and Elizabeth Owen

Powers**: N/A

Flaws: Has an uncontrolable craveing for beef jerkey. Headstrong at times, Necrophobia, and a Fear of Extremly High places.

Pets: N/A

Weapon: A bow with Cb tipped arrows. Two minature reapeting crossbows with Cb tipped arrows, and a bag of Cb throwing knives. Finally he has two Cb Daggers.

Talents/Skills: Archery

RP Example*: Oliver woke up and instantly reached for the bag of beef jerkey next to his bed. He ate a few peices of the tender delicious meat then sat up and looked around. Everything was the way it was when he went to sleep. Well except for the masses of messed up beds from his siblings. He got out of bed and quickly got dressed. He looked under his bed and grabbed weapons from their place under his bed. He quickly placed them all where he wanted them to stay and left without even a word. He quickly came back though and got his bag of jerkey that he left behind. He then left again now satisfied that he had everything he needed.

Biography*: Oliver's past a pretty normal one. Compared to most demigods anyway. He was born to Apollo and Elizabeth Owen. His father wasn't around but he was happy to have his mother and helped her out when he could. The usual ADHD and Dyslexia where all that really got him into trouble in school, and then everynow and then he got into fights with bullies. Besides that he had a pretty easy life, that is until he was 14. It was at his school archery competition. While prepareing to make a shot a cyclopse appeared out of no where and attacked Oliver. Oliver was tossed two daggers by a mysterious man who was watching this and Oliver defended himself againsts the monster. Somehow Olvier took the thing down but when he did his mom quickly took him back to the house before people could ask question. Then came a nock at the door and the mysterious man was standing there. Elizabeth brought the man inside then told her son to go pack his things. The man turned out to be a satyr and slong with his protection Elizabeth drove Oliver to CHB explaining what she could tell him along the way there. Oliver has now been staying at camp for a year and waits for the day when he can safely leave and go see his mom.


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PostSubject: Re: Oliver Owen Son of Apollo    1/8/2012, 1:33 am

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Oliver Owen Son of Apollo
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