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 The Thanatos Brothers

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PostSubject: The Thanatos Brothers    1/4/2012, 1:44 am

Character Name: Tom Blackburn

Gender: M

Age: 16

Description: and he is 5'7

God and mortal parent: Thanatos and Lilith Blackburn, John(Step Father)(Son of Hephaestus)

Powers**: Being a son of Thanatos, Tom has powers over the dead. He is able to see and speak with the dead. He does this often and can do it when ever he wants and does not get drained. He can also summon a total of at least 25 skeletons soldiers a day an this gives him moderate to severe headachs. He can also shadow travel the distance from Long Island to Connecticut, 5 times a day. He get drowzy with the longer the distance and if he travels the full distance he will pass out.

Flaws: Has an attitude problem, Pretty quite, He likes to keep to himself but he can make friends if he wants to

Pets: N/A

Weapon: He uses two mini-crossbows in replacements of the pistols he had to leave with his step-father when he came to camp. He also carries a regular size repeater crossbow. Arrows are Cb tipped. He also has a Cb machete that he uses incase things get up close and personal.

Talents/Skills: Protecting his brother, Having an attitude.

RP Example*: Tom woke with a startle and quickly pointed his crossbow at the door thinking it was one of the pistols he used to carry when he was still with John. He thought back to his step-father and of how he actually came to be here. He then looks over to see that his brother is still fast asleep. He wanted to wake Alex up. To tell him that they were going home. But what home was there for them anymore. John was all that they had and he's dead now. There was no place for them and Tom knew this. But still he longed to go back to before all this occured. If only he could of saved his mother.

Biography*: Tom's life is one of pain and misery that begins with his mother Lilith meeting the god Thanatos. Once Lilith became pregnant with Tom, Thanatos had to leave and soon after Tom was born Lilith married John. They had a relatively good life that is until Lilith was killed when Tom was 2. John took Tom and left the state they were living in. By the time Tom was 4 he and John were living with a woman named Amelia who was pregnant with Alexander. Alex was born and then two months later Amelia was killed right in front of Tom and a 2 month old Alex. John found himself having to take the boys and run again. However by the time Tom was eight and his brother was 4 John had made some CB bullets from the weapons he owned from his time at CHB. He taught Tom had to use guns and from then on Tom carried two pistols that John said were to be used for protecting Alex and himself. The next 7 years of Tom and Alex's lives are spent moving from one town to another, taking down whatever happened to attack them. At the time Tom was 15, John told the boys that he was taking them to the place were he learned all he knew for protecting himself. He called this place CHB and while on the way he explained to Tom and Alex who their real father was and what they have been killing for the past 7 years. It took them a few months but soon they ade it to camp. However much to Tom's disliking his step father told them that guns weren't allowed at the camp. Tom reluctently left the guns with John and he and his little brother made their way into camp. Tom has found plessure in the crossbows he has to replace his pistols.


Character Name: Alexander (Alex) Blackburn

Gender: M

Age: 12

Description: and he is 5'6

God and mortal parent: Thanatos and Amelia Thomas, (Adopted by his 'brother' Tom and his step father John)

Powers**: Alex has powers much like his brother but they aren't as strong and he has one power different from his older brother. Alex has the death sense as he calls it. It is a power that allows Alex to literally sense when someone is about to die or when someone close to them is about to die. He can do this whenever he chooses to and is not drained by using it. Also Alex can shadow travel but he can only only do it 3 times a day and he gets even drowzier then his bother. His max distance is the distance across the Camp. Alex has yet to discover that he can also summon skeletons.

Flaws: Impatient, Naive at times, Slightly Paranoid.

Pets: N/A

Weapon: He carries a mini-crossbow with Cb tipped arrows. He also carries 10 daggers. Sheathed on his belt. 5 Cb, 5 Stygian Iron

Talents/Skills: Sticking with his Brother.

RP Example*: Alex woke up to find his brother wide awake just sitting at his bunk. That's all Tom really did ost of the time. Eat, sleep, and sit at his bunk. Alex just shrugged and sat up. He looked around and then quickly got dressed and armed himself with his crossbow and 10 deadly knives. Alex left the cabin and soon felt the prescense of his brother behind him. "You know you can't get rid of me."He said to Alex. "Never said I was trying to."Alex said turning to his brother. He stared at his brother for a long time but then just vanished into thin air. Like he wasn't there at all.

Biography*: Alex's story starts with Thnatos meeting Ameila. Amelia became pregnant with Alex and Thanatos had to leave her and a man named John and his step son John began living with her. At this time Alexander was born and then 2 months later Amelia was killed. John took both the boys and ran away to safety at a friends house. They then began traveling the country and by the time Alex was 4 his brother Tom was givin two pistols to be used for protection only. The next 7 years they went around the country looking for a safe place to live and then take out whatever tried to kill them. John suddenly told the boys the truth of who their real fatherr was, the things that they have been killing, and about CHB and that that was where he was taking them. It took a few months to get there but it was a realatively safe trip considering some of the other trips they took. Once there Tom had to reluctantly give up his pistols and the two brothers took the trek up the hill to join the camp. They have been there for a year now and Alex is slowing learning to control his powers.


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PostSubject: Re: The Thanatos Brothers    1/8/2012, 8:00 pm

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The Thanatos Brothers
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