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 Ohhoho Second-in-Command?

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PostSubject: Ohhoho Second-in-Command?   1/2/2012, 5:27 pm

Character Name: Jaelyn Conner
Gender: female
Age: 14
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): She's about 5'2" tall, and very light and speedy. She wears the type of clothes that are in the picture - she's in love with suspenders, tights, knee-highs, converse, and the color blue <3


God and mortal parent: Ran, Norse goddess of the theivery, the sea, and death AT sea, Timothy Conner
Powers**: She can do a couple thing: two of them that she does without trying include breathing underwater and always knowing her exact location when at sea. She can also control water, up to about enough to fill a large swimming pool at once, though doing that much makes her pass out. She gets an energy boost in the sea, but it doesn't heal her - just speeds up the process by a few hours depending on its severity. Finally, she can talk to animals that live in the sea. Which its why she is commonly found talking to her pet fish.

Flaws: Spontaenous, a little flightly, sarcastic, hyper, can't STAND heights, and she's more then slightly oblivious
Pets: A rare, undiscovered breed of fish that looks like a mini vaporeon 8D ITS NAME IS LULU! It can survive in fresh or salt water ^^
Weapon: A double sided, collapsible spear, along with a couple daggers. She always keep a normal, steele knife on her too for emergencies with mortals.
Talents/Skills: Fishing, Sailing, Skiing, Decieving,Fighting and a rather talented dancer ^^

RP Example*: "I'm bored." I pouted, laying on the deck of the ship, the sun warming my face as I threw a bouncyball up and down. Lulu just rolled her eyes at me. "

"Your so overdramatic." She...bubbled? I don't even know how to describe that.

"Rude." I grumbled, moving around so I was hanging upside down off the loveseat. On the other side of the deck, my father was leaning against the edge of the boat, scribbling furiously on his notepad while listening to oldies on his ipod. I faintly heard a beatles song come on and hummed along, much to the amusement of my fishie. "Oh, quiet you."

Lulu just laughed and rolled her eyes.

Biography*: Jaelyn was born the same place she lived - on a boat. Litterally,as soon as she was born she floated up in a bubble, much to the shock of her dad. You see, Timothy - Mr. Conner, was a world-renowed marine biologist who had won countless rewards for his work on the discovery of various breeds of saltwater plants and animals.

Jaelyn generally got to name them, much to her delight. Her best friends was a fish - go figure, though in her defense, she had always been able to talk to and understand aquamarine animals. She never lived in specific places,and always traveledont he next expedition with her excentric and slightly nerdy father whom she loved to death.

At the age of four, her dad told her who her mother was, since he could see through the mist and knew who she really was. Jaelyn adapted norse mythology into her life and loved researching it, almost as much as she loved fishing and ballet. She picked up ballet around the age of eight to get more excersise.

Jaelyn was eleven when her dad left for a two year trip - the longest yet. He decidedthat this time his daughter should go to Camp Half-Blood and train more. She's been there for three years - she still visits her dad ever so often.

Jaelyn is exceedingly loyal, and almost as stubborn. She tends to do thing for the sakeof them being fun and interesting, rather then right and wrong. She makes references to Pokemon and Harry Potter CONSTANTLY. Fore-warning.

Notes: Nadaz :3

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PostSubject: Re: Ohhoho Second-in-Command?   1/2/2012, 5:38 pm

This one is going to cause me no end of grief...



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Ohhoho Second-in-Command?
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