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 The Chilling Brother that will be used in the Rise of Anubis Plot and other stuff (WIP)

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PostSubject: The Chilling Brother that will be used in the Rise of Anubis Plot and other stuff (WIP)   1/1/2012, 2:26 am

Character Name:Weylin Apénanti.

He is also five foot nine inches, and has a very strong irish accent.
God and mortal parent:Chione and Fred Apénanti.
Powers:Well, he has a bunch of powers. For starters he can withstand freezing temperatures that no normal could survive in. He can thrive without any harmful effects in temperatures as low as -45F. He can breathe out a chilly air that is usually as cold as zero to -10F, whenever he chooses to use his ice breath, he gets a sore throat afterwards. He can create beams of frost that come out of the palms of his hand. If he tries hard enough it's range maxes at 12 feet. He usually gets headaches after using this power. He can create ice spikes that usually top at five feet in length, he can create these 15 times a day, and usally gets small chest pains after he makes one. He can also create ice balls that are the size of softballs. He can make these 15 time a day and suffers from the same side effects of the ice spike. His coolest (I love my puns) and final power is the ability to create small blizzard consisting of snow and ice shards. He can use these blizzard as self-encasing sheilds, or send them flying towards a target like a miniature tornado. These blizzards can only be summoned 5 times a day though, and afterwards he becomes very light-headed and tired.
Flaws:Hates warm weather, alittle crazy, extremely opptomistic.Pets:No pets.
Weapon: Both are CB, ignore the words, I couldn't find any good images without words.

Talents/Skills:He is a great skateboard and is good at playing turn-tables.
RP Example:Weylin stepped out of the back door of the pub and entered a snow-covered alley. It was quite chilly, but Weylin didn't notice, even though he was only wearing a very thin t-shirt. He pocketed his hands and made his out of the alley an onto the main street that connected to the pub. It was a quiet night and the streets and sidewalks were empty, he would only see the ocasional car pass by. The street lamps were on and glowing their bright amber color, brightening the streets of the town. Weylin looked around, searching for his ride home, and soon spotted it. He shaked the snowflakes out of his hair and made his way to the car. He hopped in and the driver soon took off, heading out to pick up Weylin's brother Austin.
Biography:Weylin was born in Ireland to an unknown mother and his single father Fred. He had an older half-brother Austin, who was two months older than him. He soon learned that Fred had a relationship with a british woman who became pregnant with Austin. Fred then cheated on this woman with Weylin's mom, and when the british woman found out she left Fred. Fred lived with Weylin's mom until she conceived him, then she got up and left Fred to father Weylin alone. Soon afterwards a two month baby was left on the front steps of their house. This baby was Austin, the child of the british woman Fred had cheated on. The majority of Weylin and Austin's childhood was filled with misery, as Fred would mistreat them 24/7. One day, when Weylin was 10, he acidently made an ice spear that imapled their cat, Mr. Whiskers. Fred soon learned that he an Austin, who had set his own arm on fire, had magical powers and began using them for evil. He would teach them how to steal, using their powers as weapons, and would also teach them not to listen to anyone except for him. One day, when he and Austin were 13, Fred angered Austin deeply and he killed him acidentally. After the initial shock, the two fled the scene and went into hiding. Eventuall at the age of 14 the two took a boat to America. Soon after a satyr found the two of them whisk them away to Camp Half-Blood where Weylin was claimed a child of Chione. They have been there for about a year now.

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PostSubject: Re: The Chilling Brother that will be used in the Rise of Anubis Plot and other stuff (WIP)   1/1/2012, 4:26 am


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The Chilling Brother that will be used in the Rise of Anubis Plot and other stuff (WIP)
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