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 Getting a set animal!

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PostSubject: Re: Getting a set animal!   7/11/2010, 11:07 pm

I grabbed the mouse out of her hands then took off out the doors, Greekforcandy followed after em.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting a set animal!   7/11/2010, 11:08 pm

I glared. MY mouse.... and jumped out the window.


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PostSubject: Re: Getting a set animal!   4/19/2011, 10:23 am

Aidan wanders into a random building. Looking around, he sees animals everywhere. Over in the corner, a white and grey owl catches his eye. He looks around to se if anyones watching, finds no one, takes the owl, and leaves.
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PostSubject: Re: Getting a set animal!   

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Getting a set animal!
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